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Bonnie Boex

Dillon, CO, United States


My first sighting of a Wood Duck in 30 years in Summit County. When I reported it to ebird I was given a warning re: unusual for this area, etc. so it’s gotta be UNUSUAL for this elevation. I have a breeding pair of Mt Bluebirds nearby so stopped to check on their nesting progress; then turned my attention to the nearby pond and was stopped dead-in-my-tracks. Very little human encroachment in the area; the Wood Ducks spent 2 days resting (thurs & fri may 15 & 16). Checked on them Fri night; they were still tucked-in the willows; installed a Wood Duck nestbox Saturday afternoon. When I arrived, they were GONE. Heartbroken, I finished the installation and went home with a heavy heart.


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Wood Duck Breeding Pair

Wood Duck breeding pair waling into Willows at my approach

One response to “Wood Duck Breeding Pair”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Now you’ve got some real estate so the next pair that stops by might stay longer. Glad you got to see them!

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