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W Tyler L

Illinois, USA


This House wren layed one egg a week ago than layed two more a week latter than another two the next day. Is this normal for a wren?


Unusual nests


Why Does This Wren Keep Laying Eggs In Its Nest??

5 EGGS!!!!

4 responses to “Why does this Wren keep laying Eggs in its nest??”

  1. Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

    Hi, Generally House Wrens lay up to 8 eggs, and some birds do delay incubation due to a variety of reasons, though it is unusual to have such a staggered egg-laying process like the one you’ve described. Typically, one egg is laid per day, several days in a row until the whole clutch is laid. It’s possible that not all eggs in this clutch will be viable, but unfortunately only time will tell. We’ll send good thoughts your way!

  2. W Tyler L says:

    Thanks Ill watch it.

  3. Judy samolis says:

    I watched this beautiful little pair of wrens build a nest in the box I provided hanging on the side of my house. They layed eggs and I watched them take food in and feed their babies. Today something knocked the house off the wall and scattered the nesting material and the babies are gone. What on earth could have knocked it off the wall and entered that nest?
    The hole is very small.
    I am heartbroken. If they should return and build again how can I prevent this from happening again?

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