Laying the Foundation

I was out at the lake to get some photos when I saw the male Baltimore Oriole weaving this nest. This appears to be day one of construction and the nest was complete three days later.

Grape Jelly is Soo Good

Adult Baltimore oriole teaching young bird to eat grape Jelly which we put in many small branchings in our Pear Tree. The adults, sometimes mom, sometimes dad have also fed the baby suet and even some sunflower seeds.

Who new Grape jelly tasted so good

Both Dad and Mom have been bringing the baby to our pear tree to eat Suet
, sunflower seeds, and most of all Grape Jelly. Baby looks a lot like a female goldfinch but is about 2x the size.

male oriole feeding young catapillars.

Daddy Duty

A male Baltimore Oriole takes his turn on the nest.

Learning the fundamentals

A brood of Northern Orioles enjoying grape jelly!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology