I was making dinner when I noticed the babies from our nest hopping all over the backyard. Much to the nervous parents’ dismay, I had to get a few pictures.

Hungry babies

Wren nest in a box on the side of our house.

Number Two

Chick #1 was born around 5pm. Chick #2 was born about 1 1/2 hours later.

Just a Few Minutes Old

This is the first of three Carolina Wren babies, all born within a few hours of each other on 7/19/15. It is only a few minutes old and hungry already! It had just been born, and Mama had gone off to find it some food.

Wren Opportunity Knocks…

A Carolina Wren pair decided our tucked away front door and artificial wreath were too perfect to pass up.

Miscellaneous Production, Indeed!

Here at Emory Knoll Farms, we grow plants for green roofs. We keep a shelf of tags for labeling plants in our barn. Arriving at work one morning, last week, we found that a Carolina Wren had built her nest in the box marked “Miscellaneous Production” We have all had a good laugh – and wonder if she can read?

Carolina wren

A Carolina wren has built this nest on my back deck about 2 feet to the right of my main entry door. They built the nest on a shelf of a corner piece I put there for plants. They originally started a nest in a 5″ potted plant. They were determined so I stuck some pieces of cardboard behind the nest the restarted to keep it from falling. This is the first egg laid 7/9/15 and she’s added an egg each day to #4 this morning. I’ve had nests on this deck before so I think we can be careful and not disturb them too much. But I will be getting more pix!

Carolina Wren Nest

New to the World

I was able to witness two cute Carolina Wren chicks leave their nest. One had already left and was quite noisy. The chick in the nest in the background was hesitant to fledge, and did not do so until after we left. The parents cheered them on from the nearby woods as the fledglings walked around and flew awkwardly. It was a very cute and memorable experience!

Graduation Day

After 2 weeks living in a mailbox, the last of 4 to leave the nest stands on the brink of the great unknown, pondering his next move – or more likely “hey – where’d everybody go?” Minutes later, he was off to join his siblings.

Front Door Neighbors

These two cuties have taken up residence in the wreath on our front door! The humans are carefully using the back door in order to leave this family in peace!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology