Big day

This was the first baby to leave the nest. This was just a few minutes after the first flight.

Calling for mom

This is a Red shouldered hawk nest in our yard. The pair nested here last year as well.

Feeding time for a baby red-shouldered hawk

Ma or Pa with a torn piece of snake feeding a baby about 14 days of age.

Just checking

Red-shouldered hawk male or female since the adults are identical with two offspring about 14 days of age. nest is in a high sycamore tree.

Red-Shouldered Hawk on Nest

This nest used to be an old round, leafy squirrel nest until the hawks took it over a few years ago. They have successfully raised a few clutches of chicks in that time. This year they only raised one chick. But, it was a cold rainy spring. Most buteo raptor nests I watched had fewer young this year. The Coops, which nest later in the spring, seemed to have more chicks per nest.

Red-Shouldered Hawk Twins

Red-Shouldered Hawk Twins standing shoulder to shoulder guarding the nest in a live oak tree

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology