A yellow warbler fledgling pondering about going for a dip in the river

First encounter

A young yellow warbler joyfully perched atop a tree peak

I’m Sleepy

This GHO was sitting in the V of an old snag. Its mother was perched nearby watching over her baby.

Let’s Sit Together

Great horned owlets sitting together above the nest

You look better upside down

Baby Loon under her wing

Baby Loon Wing Flap

Violet-Green Swallow Stare Down

This Violet-Green Swallow baby was giving me the great Stare Down on Day 20, just too cute for words! Only 5 more days in the nest.

Violet-Green Swallow Feeding Time

Daddy Violet-Green Swallow making a quick pit stop to deliver bugs to one of the babies.

Violet-Green Swallow – 11 day old babies

This was the last time I opened the nest box, the babies were so active on day 11 I knew I wouldn’t be able to see inside the nest box again.

Dinner on the fly!

In July 2008 I was at Woodley Island Marina photographing water birds when I spotted swallows flying around the rocks along the shoreline. I went to investigate, and found several families, with parents flying in and feeding their babies. I moved to the water’s edge and got down low to get the sky as background, and got this great shot just as a parent (I believe a male), while still in flight, was passing a bug to its baby.

Stuffing it in!

In July 2013 I was at Fern Ridge Wildlife Area, Royal Amazon Unit, photographing Purple Martins flying to and from their nests. Over the course of three day I got several nice shots, including this one of an adult stuffing a dragonfly into the mouth of one of its babies.

C’mon & Feed Me!

A baby Northern Cardinal awaits the next meal.

I’ll take that first flight when you feed me…maybe

I want my food?

I saw that pretty cute baby on the sand while I was looking for a Giant Amazon River Turtle eggs.

Along for the ride

Baby loon on mum’s back

Baby Baltimore Oriole waiting to be fed.

I was talking to my neighbour when this little one flew into the bush beside me and I happened to have my camera handy. I left quickly as mama oriole was wanting to feed the baby.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology