Calling of shift change

Gannet Nest Building

In June 2008 I was in a wood-framed blind photographing Northern Gannets as hundreds of them flew to and from their nests on the ground. On several occasions I spotted one bird that flew up over my end of the blind but did not show up on the other side. I went out to investigate, climbed a tree next to the blind, and found this pair building a nest on the blind’s slate roof. Although my position was very awkward for holding my camera, I got several nice shots, including this one of the pair working together to build their nest.

Western Bluebird mother and her three chicks

Song Sparrow Feeding Cowbird

Song sparrow feeding a cowbird in my backyard.

Claiming Our Nest

Swallows claiming their nest. Nest found at the visitor’s center at Glacier National Park, MT.

Under Construction

Great Blue Herons building their nest. Male giving female stick to place in nest.

Nest of the King

Kingbird watching over the nest

A Nest of Dreams

As a beginning birder I was thrilled when two Bullock’s Orioles appeared in our Colorado yard. The young female spent weeks carefully weaving her nest as our cattle dogs sat mesmerized. Sadly, four days after her eggs were laid a hailstorm destroyed her future family and home. The young Oriole pair circled leafless trees and their chosen nesting area for several days before leaving our home. Now it is our turn to be patient for their return.

Hungry Mouths

Four hungry mouths compete for the last morsel of food from their mother.

Long Stretch

A baby American Robing stretches to get another morsel of food while his siblings wait.

Just Hatched

A House Finch built a nest on the top of a set of wind chimes on our front porch. Her first hatchling calls out in hunger waiting for her mom to return with some food.

Great Architecture

A Mother American Robin patiently sits in the perfectly level nest she helped build on the slanted downspout under the protective eaves of our home.

Violet-Green Swallow Stare Down

This Violet-Green Swallow baby was giving me the great Stare Down on Day 20, just too cute for words! Only 5 more days in the nest.

Violet-Green Swallow Feeding Time

Daddy Violet-Green Swallow making a quick pit stop to deliver bugs to one of the babies.

Violet-Green Swallow – 11 day old babies

This was the last time I opened the nest box, the babies were so active on day 11 I knew I wouldn’t be able to see inside the nest box again.

Violet-Green Swallow Feather Nest

My Violet-Green Swallow Family had a gorgeous nest full of beautiful feathers. This picture was taken when the hatchlings were about 3 days old.

The Rookery

There is an island at Kensington Metropark with several large trees that house a Great Blue Heron and Egret Rookery. This image shows about 8 Egret nests. I believe these are Great Egrets. I am guessing there were approximately 40 or so nests total in these trees.

Eight…Yup they are all there

Mama mute swan checks and turns her eggs before settling in for another day of incubation.

Mother and Chick

Have been watching this Cooper’s hawk nest since late spring, these young birds grow very rapidly as about a week after this picture was taken the young hawks already had lost their down and were sporting juvenile plumage. It is located in the W.E. Burton conservation area in Russell. The parents ended up with four healthy fledglings. Only two weeks after leaving the nest this young birds are skilled hunters.

Surveying the nesting grounds

One of two osprey building their nest on a telephone pole with no wires on it anymore.

Nest Weaver

In February 2012 I was casually walking near camp in the morning before a day on safari when I spotted this Sparrow-Weaver building its nest. I looked closely, saw that the bird had a piece of material in its beak and was weaving it into the nest.

Stuffing it in!

In July 2013 I was at Fern Ridge Wildlife Area, Royal Amazon Unit, photographing Purple Martins flying to and from their nests. Over the course of three day I got several nice shots, including this one of an adult stuffing a dragonfly into the mouth of one of its babies.

Red-Shouldered Hawk Twins

Red-Shouldered Hawk Twins standing shoulder to shoulder guarding the nest in a live oak tree

Daddy Duty

A male Baltimore Oriole takes his turn on the nest.

Heron Home

A Great Blue Heron nest. This was one of sixteen in the tree, in a rookery with four trees.

Egg Featherbed

While kayaking on the upper Hackensack River, we accidentally spooked a nesting goose nearby. A quick survey revealed a beautifully feathered nest well hidden on a small, elevated piece of grassy marsh.

I’m Always Hungry Mom

Nest built on a fallen tree in a channel between two lakes. Took photo as we were passing by in boat.

Carolina wren

A Carolina wren has built this nest on my back deck about 2 feet to the right of my main entry door. They built the nest on a shelf of a corner piece I put there for plants. They originally started a nest in a 5″ potted plant. They were determined so I stuck some pieces of cardboard behind the nest the restarted to keep it from falling. This is the first egg laid 7/9/15 and she’s added an egg each day to #4 this morning. I’ve had nests on this deck before so I think we can be careful and not disturb them too much. But I will be getting more pix!


Beautiful Osprey caring for young.

Shade for a Sleeping Nestling

On a hot day on the shores of Clear Lake, an Osprey Mother provides shade for her sleeping nestling while the father is out fishing.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology