Not a chicken

Hello World

Let’s Sit Together

Great horned owlets sitting together above the nest

Lunch Time

Steller’s Sea eagle feeding it’s chick

Great Horned Owlet


The juveniles are two weeks out of the nest and have had some success hunting but are still relying on their parents for food.

Mother and Chick

Have been watching this Cooper’s hawk nest since late spring, these young birds grow very rapidly as about a week after this picture was taken the young hawks already had lost their down and were sporting juvenile plumage. It is located in the W.E. Burton conservation area in Russell. The parents ended up with four healthy fledglings. Only two weeks after leaving the nest this young birds are skilled hunters.

Shade for a Sleeping Nestling

On a hot day on the shores of Clear Lake, an Osprey Mother provides shade for her sleeping nestling while the father is out fishing.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology