Beautiful Blue

Hungry Mouths

Four hungry mouths compete for the last morsel of food from their mother.

Long Stretch

A baby American Robing stretches to get another morsel of food while his siblings wait.

Great Architecture

A Mother American Robin patiently sits in the perfectly level nest she helped build on the slanted downspout under the protective eaves of our home.

Grocery Run

With three hungry mouths to feed (you can see two of the three in this image) the male and female American Robins were kept very busy. Papa came back with an oversize load on this run! I don’t know how he could have possibly fit another worm in his beak!

Baby Blues

I noticed a nest int he crape myrtle outside my bedroom window. When I investigated, I found these 3 beautiful eggs! Every day I watch Mamma Robin sitting on the nest! Can’t wait for them to hatch!

I’ll take that first flight when you feed me…maybe

Little Robin

Baby Robin at the Chicago Botanic Garden, his mom flew off the nest as we walked by.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology