Junco Eggs

junco eggs in the grass at our home

Dark Eyed Juncos

Photo taken of 8 day old dark eyed juncos nesting in a hanging basket of fuschia.

‘Noelle’ is on her 3rd brood!

This Christmas wreath is next to our back door and a Junco pair made a nest in it in mid May. ‘Nick’ and ‘Noelle’ are now on their 3rd set of eggs. Each time, the nest gets re-made or enhanced. Neither of them seem concerned with the busy doings of the porch and back door which include dogs and numerous visitors.

Young Juncos

Flower Box Homestead

A pair of Dark-Eyed Junco’s nest in my flower box’s every year. Usually two clutches a year.

Oregon Junco Fledgling

This little baby was in a nest in a wine barrel at a local elementary school right near the classrooms. I went by to check if the babies had fledged for three days, and on the third day, this little one and four others were flying and hopping all over. I used my 300 mm. zoom lens and took this photo while he rested on a rock. I think the few down feathers still on his head make him look especially cute.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology