Standish Hickey State Recreation Area Osprey Nest

I have watched and photographed an Osprey Nest at Standish Hickey State Recreation Area for the past two years. Last year the nest successfully fledged two Osprey. This year the Osprey spent a lot of time fixing up the nest but never incubated eggs, that I could tell, on my visits. California is in a horrible drought and our river is extremely low and fish are scarce. Out of the 5 Osprey Nests I observed this year along the Eel River, I did not see any successful hatchings. I did see Osprey with Lamprey as prey about a dozen times, which is something I never witnessed before.

Stare down

Osprey Chicks almost ready to fledge.

Get up!

Ready to go

The one that got away…

An Osprey pair on their nest along the Susquehanna River

Feeding time

parent delivering a fish to young osprey

Delaware River osprey nest

Osprey nest constructed on a channel marker, 400 yds from shore on the Delaware River

Osprey on nest

I noticed the nest as I was leaving the park. I pulled over, hoping the bird would show. After about 5 minutes, the Osprey returned and stared at me for what seemed an eternity!

Osprey Nest

a huge osprey nest seen while on vacation in the thousand islands

Osprey Feeding

Dad brought dinner home again

Sleeping Nestling

Osprey nestling around 50 days old

Osprey Family

I’ve been watching this and other Osprey nests along the Columbia River on the WA and OR border. This little family just finished breakfast and ‘Daddy’ is taking off for another round of fishing.

Majestic Osprey Nest With Million Dollar View

Osprey and 3 nestlings in gigantic breathtaking nest overlooking Lake Sawyer.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology