It’s a Big, Big, world!

Just fledged robin.

I Found this nest in a wild rose bush

A little wine from these grapes would go great with a worm mom.

After building a nest in my garden and not having her eggs hatch the mother built a second nest in my grape vines. I didn’t find it until she’d laid three eggs, which all hatched in the last two days. I’ve been growing the grape vines for 4 years and this year was going to be my “crop” year, however with the nest I can’t really get close and I certainly couldn’t spray the vines insects, etc. The crop is pretty well half destroyed by bugs / black rot, but the bird family is doing just fine.

Feed Me Seymour

My wife and I were sitting in a bird blind for about 15 minutes before we heard this “tiny” little cheep…. We turned around to see this little guy peaking his or her head out of the nest. I took this photo and we immediately exited the bird blind. As we did we saw one of the parents flying into the blind with a large worm in its beak.

Fat juicy worm

It wasn’t hard to get shots of the robin parents. They came to the nest every few minutes all day. Before going to the nest, they would sit on a branch and chirp a sweet repeating sound. I grew to recognize it as meaning, “I’m coming with a snack. I’ll be there in just a minute.”

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology