Four peas in a pod.

Four Eastern Phoebes grew up on a light fixture in my barn. Although they made the biggest, and we kept dogging mom and dad from feeding them it was lot of fun.

Finishing Touches

For the past several years, Carolina Chickadees have nested in our bluebird house. This one was gathering nesting materials to put the finishing touches on the nest, which already had eggs in it.

Mother hummingbird incubating eggs.

One of several nests in the back yard again this year being tended to by mom.

Incubating together

A male and female kestrel (who we named Trel & Kessie) incubate their four eggs. This picture was taken in early May 2016 via a webcam installed in the nesting box.

Mockingbird Nest

I got to photograph a nearby farm & in one of their small trees was this darling mockingbird nest.

Beautiful Eggs

Just starting out

Spreading wings!

This is a juvie Bald Eagle wingersizing in the nest. He has not started branching yet, but getting ready.

Time to leave the nest

I was shooting bird images at Middle Creek Wildlife Management area in Pennsylvania on a spring morning. I had been watching this nest for a few weeks, and got lucky on this morning. Both adults would call and call to the little ones trying to get them to jump. After a short time they were all in the water.

Osprey Nest

Tight Fit

I saw a mourning dove gathering materials in my back yard and discovered it was building a nest in a nook above my front porch. The loose nest survived two thunderstorms with high winds. This picture was taken during the first week of nesting.

Nest watch of Common Iora

Nest of Common Iora in Rajshahi University campus is very common.

Nest watch of Asian Paradise Flycatcher

In Rajshahi University campus Asian Paradise Flycatcher is very common. They build nest every year and Bird watchers come here to see this bird.

Nest watch of Black-crown Night Heron

In Rajshahi University campus a heronry is created since 2009. Each year thousand of nest build here of which Black-crown Night Heron is dominant.

Nest of Little Greb

In 2015 a pair of Little Greb build a nest in a pond and laid 5 five eggs. The eggs are hatched successfully. It was the first time to trace nest of Little Greb in this campus, though the Grebs are found since 2010 during their breeding season. However, the Little Grebs are common in this region.

Eastern bluebird about to fledge

This was the first Eastern Bluebird baby of the second brood this spring to fledge. Moments before flight!

Safe & Secure

Four eggs in a robin nest that was safe from predators; the nest was completely hidden inside the dense holly bush.

A mother’s love

In the heat of summer and with the sounds of an approaching storm the mother bird is dedicated to her clutch.

Osprey Couple on Nest

Baltimore Oriole on Her Nest

We watched as the baltimore oriole flew back and forth adding to her nest before settling down on the eggs.

A Quick Peak at Robin Eggs

A robin built her nest under the eaves of our cottage deck. This is a quick peak at the three beautiful blue eggs through the slats of the deck.

Red-necked Grebes Reinforcing Their Nest

This pair of grebes were building up their nest in the harbour.

White-breasted Nuthatches

A beautiful pair of white-breasted nuthatches took residence in one of our bluebird boxes (much to the bluebirds’ dismay).

Osprey chick waiting for mom & dad to return.

New beginnings!

These cliff swallows were in a big rush to begin their “home tweet home” nest on an adobe wall. Other swallow parents nearby had just moved into their brand new typical bird nest.

Nesting Loon

A Common Loon sits on her nest in the evening light

Eagles at Work

I was very lucky with this picture. Although you can’t see it, the adult eagle in the nest was clearly feeding chicks, pulling food from something at the edge of the nest and then feeding it to the chicks inside. I was taking pictures of that, and the other adult appeared right in the frame with something in its claws.

Tree Swallow eggs

Lovely white eggs nestled in a cozy chicken feather nest. Notice the bit of pink ribbon – not sure how she found that!

Communication is good.

Endeavor showing Eloise how it is done.

Three chicks in the nest, June 2015. The oldest chick, Endeavor is showing the younger chicks how lift off is achieved.

Cozy Chickadee Nest

Wild Turkey eggs

Sitting dad.

On the threatened species list, California Gnatcatchers are great parents. Dad California Gnatcatcher sitting on the eggs.

Mom watching nest


The Piping Plover family nest is just a small scrape in the sand and mom as the roof.

Time To Turn The Eggs

I monitored the nesting loons on our lake during their second attempt of the season. I documented it because our loons have not had chicks for several years in a row. This photo was taken during week three, late June. The eggs went on to hatch, and two chicks were born.

Larry, Moe & Curley

All 3 eaglets sit nicely for their portrait, just before they fledge.

Baby Robins’ First Day

Baby Robins

Baby Spoonbills in the nest

One of the best things I’ve ever seen. What a joy to see the baby Spoonbill’s for the first time. Watching them for hours. Feeding, sleeping and moving around the nest. Definitely on my bucket list!

Baby Spoonbills

One of the best things I’ve ever seen. What a joy to see the baby Spoonbill’s for the first time. Watching them for hours. Feeding, sleeping and moving around the nest. Definitely on my bucket list!

3 hungry babies

Robin eggs

Excited to have watch this neat grow in size daily. Saw just one egg and every day saw a new egg until the clutch was complete at four!

Beautiful Nest

While walking the nature trails at the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, I noticed this thimble size Ruby-throated Hummingbird nest. Isn’t it beautiful?

Cliff Swallow

A cliff swallow constructs a nest made of mud from the harbour in Bronte, Ontario. Their craftsmanship is amazing!

Red-necked Grebe

My boyfriend and I went to Bronte Harbour to take photos of the boats and see some cliff swallows, but were surprised to see red-necked grebes building nests and incubating eggs! This was the first time I had seen this bird, and I’m glad to see her with her chicks-to-be!

nid douillet (Cozy Nest)

Ce jaseur d’Amerique construit son nid avec les poils de notre golden retriver. (This waxwing of America builds its nest with the hairs of our golden retriever.)

Eastern Phoebe Babies!

Tern time

Taken with a Coolpix 900. 1st tern baby I’ve ever seen.


We have a beautiful garden that attracts birds, bees, butterflies etc. California Robin nested in one of the trellises close to our kitchen. My husband and I watched the whole episode from the day we found the bird started building the nest, found the tiny little bluish eggs, eggs just hatching, developing feathers, and fledging. We used a ladder to go closer and take photos. It was an amazing experience. The parents took such a good care of the nest, taking turns until the day the bird babies fledged. You see four eggs hatching in the nest.

Cozy Nest

Osprey chick in a cozy nest with mom and a big chunk of fish. Life is good.

Peaceful Use for a Cannon

A tree swallow chose the barrel of an old U.S. Army cannon, outside the American Legion Post, to nest this June.

Golfers fledging out birdies in Arkansas

The golfers have created a nine next box Bluebird trail within their nine hole course. First year 37 fledglings thus far into July.Oak Hills Country Club, 75 members

empieza la primavera y con ella vidas nuevas

Bad Hair Day

Momma Killer with eggs

I nearly stepped on this nest until Ms. Killdeer made me aware of it. She chose a spot very near the sign for the park. Photo taken with cellphone.

Killdeer parking lot gravel “nest”

Nest is located next to the sign at the entrance of the park. Photo taken with new camera after using cell phone a week earlier to take a photos.

Guarding the nest.

I noticed a pair of brown thrashers nesting in our backyard azalea bush. The bush was near the house. So , not to disturb the nesting birds I opened a window but used the curtain as a blind . I took very few pics to keep any stews to a minimum . They ended up fledging 3 young from the nest.

Three robin babies under mom

Three babies peeking out from under mom

Momma’s Love

Black Skimmer Momma and one of her newly hatched chicks.

Four little eggs

have a beautiful garden that attracts birds, bees, butterflies etc. California Robin nested in one of the trellises close to our kitchen. My husband and I watched the whole episode from the day we found the bird started building the nest, found the tiny little bluish eggs, eggs just hatching, developing feathers, and the little ones opening their moths to be fed and fledging. We used a ladder to go closer and take photos. It was an amazing experience. I even published the story in birds and Blooms. The parents took such a good care of the nest, taking turns until the day the bird babies fledged. You see four little eggs in the nest.

Phew…made it!

Newly hatched Eastern Bluebird in nest box

Bluebird box surprise!

Red-bellied Woodpecker hatchlings inside Bluebird box

Baby with mother

Its a baby of cattle egret with mother in nest

Blue Eggs to Blue Birds

As part of our Wildlife Management I built bird boxes last winter. These babies were born in my first house. I built them with the hinge on the top so that I could peek in and check on their progress. Such a joy to be a part of.

One Branch at a Time

Another image from Gatorland in Orlando, March 2016.


Nesting of Paradise


First Bluebird nesting success

My first year hosting Eastern Bluebirds in Oklahoma City, OK. They faced some serious challenges including 4th July fireworks illegally lit in our addition and a new house being constructed on the lot next door, four days prior to fledging. The parents were very diligent, this afternoon no eggs were left, so it seems all four babies fledged.

Eastern Bluebird babies growing up in the nest.

Took this photo by opening the side of the nest box and holding up the camera to snap this photo of the Eastern Bluebird babies.

Bluebird eggs in the nest.

I was able to stick the camera lens into the nest box and take this photo after the Eastern Bluebirds had laid the eggs.

Tree swallow on the job

Racoon baffles make a comfy spot for vigilant swallows

House Finch nest

Cooper’s Hawk eggshell beneath nest, May 2016

Found directly below the Cooper’s Hawk nest in my yard which I watched from May-July, 2016. Of the four chicks that hatched, two survived and fledged.

Growing up in the Gutter

While hanging out in my in-laws back yard, we noticed a Eurasian Collared Dove who was hovering nearby, despite having our cats out on leashes. Eventually, we noticed these little eyes peeping at us from the neighbor’s gutter. Good thing their chances of rain in the desert were low!

Turning over the eggs

While visiting the rookery in St. Augustine in April 2016, I got to observe tricolored herons building nests, courting, and, in this case, tending to eggs. The delicacy and gentleness that the adult used to move about the nest and turn the eggs was simply amazing.

Baby Hermit Thrush

This pair of Hermit Thrush build their nest and lay their eggs every year along our road…what a joy it is to watch them grow and fledge

All crammed in but ready to leave

A female Robin was intent on building her nest into a wreath hanging on the front door of our home. After realizing how intent she was on doing so and that it just would not work out well for her and her young, I moved the wreath from the front door to an outdoor lamp hanging beside the door while the nest was still being constructed. At first return after the move, the Robin was a bit confused, but quickly noticed the wreath and continued the build. A week later she laid 1 egg, then the following week laid 3 more eggs. We tried not to disturb her during her incubation period by using the rear entrance to our home. It wasn’t long before 4 little Robins appeared. Realizing that folks would come to visit, we slowly started being in the area of the nest without disturbing the female nor her young. I took photos of their progress almost daily once the female had left the nest to find food. She soon became accustom to our presence and was not alarmed while we sat and watched at feeding times. Absolutely a wonderful experience! 12 days from the day they hatched this photo of the 4 was taken and 1 hour later they were gone. It was great to now know that all 4 young survived hidden in our Maple Hardwood bush at the rear of our property, for a week after leaving the nest, we witnessed all 4 young taking turns having a bath at our bird bath out back while both parents kept a safe watch over them.

A face only a mother could love…

This baby Great Blue Heron is a homely soul.

Hmmmm….maybe this stick IS too wide

This little house wren diligently built a twig nest near our back porch. Each time a twig was too wide, he carefully realigned it to fit it in his chosen abode. For days, he sang so sweetly, calling in a mate.

Sleepy Babies

Chimney swift nest

I discovered this Chimney Swift nest as part of a bat survey in a City Park in Allentown PA in July of 2016. As the Lehigh Valley Audubon Society Habitat Committee Chairman, I have built several Chimney Swift towers throughout the park system, and they are my #1 species of conservation concern here. This nest is located in the stone chimney of a log cabin built in the 1720’s. Imagine how many little swifts may have fledged from this chimney in over 290 years!

Killdeer Nest

This killdeer nest was located right on the edge of our 1/4 mile stone driveway that leads up to the farm. We had to build a rock barrier to remind us where they were so we wouldn’t run over them. There were four babies and I was able to capture two of them. The Mama does quite a dance whenever we get near the nest, I wish I would have taken a picture of that too.

A Horned Lark ground nest

This is a deep ground nest we found while hiking in a high alpine (10,000ft) meadow. The nest was in the sidewall of the trail and only became apparent when we saw the mother fly out of the ground. Due to it’s location we cannot monitor the nest.

Antler Nest

This robin’s nest was built on our garage in 2015. It was reused this year!

Easterm Kingbird nest

This is a nest with three Eastern Kingbird babies all waiting for food. This photo was taken on 19 Jun 2016 and by 1 Jul 2016 they had all fledged and left the nest.

Short-eared Owlets on Ground Nest

While travelling along a flat, dirt road surrounded by tundra, an adult Short-eared Owl was easily seen flying off its nest. A bit of careful and mindful searching resulted in this photo of the nest with owlets and even some crushed eggs in the right foreground.

“Osprey’s Angels”

I love how these three Osprey chicks are all looking in different directions. I especially love the one next to the parent. This Osprey platform was put in place by the local utility company and used one end of the the wood reel they use for utility wire.

Empty Nest

All 5 babes fledged successfully.


Hidden Hummingbird Nest

I knew there was a hummingbird nest nearby, but a much as I searched, I couldn’t find it.., until Mama came home to roost. She settled down lightly on a small nest hidden in the lichen. It was almost completely invisible without her on top.

Completed Bluebird Nest

It took 12 days from installation of the Bluebird box to the completion of their first nest in it. Amazing.

Naked Bluebird Hatchlings

30 days to the day from the Bluebird box being installed, three naked hatchlings appeared. Rather amazing. Grateful for the installation of the Sparrow Spookers, as the area is RIFE with HOSP.

Hidden in the reeds

2 black necked stilts were in a roadside flooded field- we stopped to take pictures and discovered this nest

Common Tern at nest

What a nice day! On june 22, I was invited to go see a pair of birds nesting on a busy beach. The owner of the beach was desperately trying to save them from nearby threats such as passing people. This zone is now protected!

Beautiful female cardinal on her nest.

I was hiking on a Metro Park trail when I saw this female cardinal watching me! Other hikers passed by but never saw her. I wasn’t about to give away her nesting place although the nest was clearly visible! I stayed about four feet from her and told her how beautiful she was and what a nice nest she had. She just quietly stayed on her nest and let me take this photo. What a magical moment.

Bushtits nest building together

Very close to a photo blind at the William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge just south of Corvallis, Oregon, we witnessed a pair of Bushtits building their ‘sock-like’ nest. We observed it over a period of six weeks or so, from near the beginning of building it until the young were being feed, apparently, as you can’t see inside but the adult activity would indicate that’s what was going on. Their movement in the ‘sock’ was comical to watch as a bulge would form as they entered, slide down and around inside.

Waiting to be hatched!

Four adorable Blue Robin eggs.

Feel the Softness

This Carolina Chickadee found bunny fur to make the softest nest she could for her eight little eggs. Yes, eight!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology