Filled with wonder

We saw this little guy at the Wacissa River. It was really fascinated with us and everything else. When a boat would go by and make waves in the water, the baby would move it’s head in a wave rhythm with the water.

Hoobaby Spreading Wings

Hoobaby spent several days rocking back and forth spreading her wings and circling her neck round and round. Wish I could submit videos:). This photo was taken a day before she finally flew a bit. I was so proud of her because I knew what it took for her to get her nerve up after watching her struggle looking down:). She also spread her wings like this after a rain. She is not a fan of the rain at all. Thus, the owl house I just finished building. I do hope she will use it. I even wrote a Bible verse for her inside her house thanking her for making me be still. I never sit and relax. I spent countless hours mesmerized by this sweet Hoobaby:). No doubt, God sent her to me to enjoy and watch while being still. His glory is amazing!

Bon Appetit for Hoobaby

Mama Hoodini flying in with supper for Hoobaby. Mama had a certain tree she would land in to survey the area before flying with food to the nest and then later to the Hoobaby when outside the nest.

Hoobaby and I bonded:)

Hoobaby and I spent many hours looking at each other when I was home with bronchitis for 4 wks. I was so thankful to have had the opportunity to just watch her and learn. Hoobaby would hide or eventually fly when anyone else came outside. However, Hoobaby would just look at me no matter what I did on the deck. She even turned around and looked at me every time she did something new. It seemed as though she was making sure I saw her. Wish we could submit videos! I am in love with this Hoobaby!

Peekaboo with Hoobaby and Mama Hoodini

I will never forget this wonderful morning when I finally realized why the Owls had been flying in and out of a knothole in a tree right off our deck. I didn’t even know what kind they were. I got bronchitis that week and spent 4 glorious weeks watching Hoobaby grow and learn to fly. I also got many videos of Mama bringing food to Hoobaby. I read everything I could find on barred owls. I have photographed them for hours, and I have just completed a house for them that I hope to soon have hung for them:)

Mom watching nest

Home tweet home

Barred Owlet is joined by Mom at the entrance of their nesting cavity.

Peek a boo

My son was picking ramps at a campground and a barred owl flew out of a hollow of a tree. He showed it to me and sure enough there were babies in it. One day they peeked out to check me out,too.

Baby Barred Owl

Baby Barred Owl out exploring… with mama nearby.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology