Five days old

Carolina wren babies five days old. These little guys had their mouths open every time we got near the nest.

Sweet wren babies

These are two day old Carolina wren babies.

Wren afros

We have two pairs of Carolina wrens that nest on anything we put out for them. We had three broods this year. The parents are so used to us, they barely care if we are near the nest.

Hang on, little fledgling!

Carolina wren fledges

Choosing a home

Mamma and Daddy Wren are getting ready for their little family

Hungry Birds

This is a Carolina Wren nest containing 4 eggs. Only two hatched. I believe the two are actually Cowbirds, but momma and dad are diligent parents feeding both relentlessly.

Fledgling Carolina wren begging

Visiting friends this spring in Louisville, I spied some fledgling Carolina wrens begging. Happily, I had my camera along, and captured this adorable baby. I was happy to get this because Carolina wrens are my sister’s favorites.

Adult Wrens Sharing A Meal

Here, one adult Wren is feeding its mate a tasty meal of fresh spider while the mate tends to their brood of hatchlings…

“Feeding Time”

Adult Wren brings supper back to her peeps, with their wide-open little maws, who are pleading at the nest box opening…

Baby Carolina Wrens on Riva

Baby Carolina Wrens, just a couple of days old. The nest was built in a geranium plant on our front porch. I bought live meal worms for mom to feed the little ones. They grew up so quickly. It was an amazing sight to behold.

nest in strange places

Surprise Surprise! This nest was in a cloth bag hanging on my push mower. Cleverly concealed with 2 sticks and a piece of rag I had in the bag. I had to move the nest bag to mow but put it back in place when I finished mowing

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology