Mockingbird Babies

These precious babies were a week old here. The family had a nest in a small tree right by our house. I had the privilege of photographing them once a day.

Catchin’ a Ride

We were camping in the Boundary Water Canoe Area when mom led these little guys out of the forest and into the water. There was quite a fight to ride on mom’s back!

Hungry Babies

This was the first nest box that had babies the year we moved into our house. There were 3 loud babies and all wanted that morsel mamma Sparrow had.

Not Ready For Take Off!

What’s not to love about a bunch of baby goslings so excited to see you when you visit? Here’s another family of goslings–20 days old. They were all born around May 5. Despite what people think, Canada Geese are not disease carrying birds, they don’t attack unless you walk to fast or aggressively approach them or appear to be a real threat to them–the parents are very, very protective. Humans can learn a lot of family values from these birds. In the entire year that I’ve walked amongst the geese not once have they ever tried to attack or hurt me. As I was driving through looking for them, the minute they saw my car they came running. Here are 5 of the baby goslings so excited to see me. They surround me and even let me pet them. And no, the parents didn’t mind. People who saw them with me couldn’t believe that I could get so close to them. I felt very special and this entire experience with these beautiful creatures was magical. Again, what’s not to love about these beautiful babies. Here they are attempting to use their mini wings. It was cute to see them flap their little wings and hop trying to fly. And it’s a photographers dream to capture photos like this. They loved getting their photos taken and really liked when I used the GoPro video around them.

“Mom, tell him to stop biting me!”

One week old Canada goslings. Last year I was around a family of Canada Geese and their baby goslings. I went to see them a lot while they were growing up at the Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic CT where they were born and so were their generations of other family Canada geese. In that time, I became very close with them and they accepted me as one of their own. Fond memories of watching them grow and being accepted into their world as a trusted friend. So this year the parents, who I knew from last year, had their goslings near the pond and each family brought their new babies to see me. When I say I was up close and personal with them, I was. It was a magical special moment to be part of in their very private world. I took extra care in allowing them and me to get close to each other. After a day, whenever they saw me and my car, the whole family would run to me. Canada geese are not these mean birds. They are very misunderstood, but I’ve spent enough time observing and researching their lifestyles and behaviors and they are very loving, funny, intelligent, very family oriented bunch. The parents are very, very protective of their babies. They allowed me to get close into their world and I love them dearly. Here’s two of the babies a few days old.

peeping out

Season after season Tree swallows raise their babies up in the vent, on the outer wall of the kitchen several feet above the ground. When I got to see the bird parents flying in and out of the vent I knew that they were building a nest there. I took photos in mornings, mid day and the evenings. Tree swallows are the swiftest birds, I have ever seen. Not easy to photograph. With my camera with telephoto lens mounted on a tripod, I took photos. Devout parents take turn to incubate and feed. Two cute little babies are peeping out to take a good look of the world outside while waiting for their parents’ visit

“Feeding Time”

Adult Wren brings supper back to her peeps, with their wide-open little maws, who are pleading at the nest box opening…


While visiting the rookery in St. Augustine in June of this year, I was able to see tri-color herons at all stages of development with some parents still brooding eggs and many older juveniles practicing their flight skills. These two were staying on the nest, patiently waiting to be fed and not inclined to venture out of their safe spot.

Tree Swallow Nestlings

Bluebird Birthday!!!

Newly hatched Eastern Bluebirds…just a few hours old & two more on the way!

Hooded Warbler Babies Cuddling!

Eastern Bluebird Nestlings

Four hungry Eastern Bluebirds wait patiently for lunch.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology