Baby hummingbird fledglings.

One of several active hummingbird nests in our back yard.

Mockingbird Babies

These precious babies were a week old here. The family had a nest in a small tree right by our house. I had the privilege of photographing them once a day.

Just Relaxing

Saved this little baby from the road❤️

First Feeding

This male mourning dove feeds his hour old hatchling for the first time. He also is sitting on a second egg, which hasn’t hatched, yet. The adult’s head bobbed up and down during the feeding; the hatchling following the movement. The body of the adult was heaving as well; regurgitating. I have read that this regurgitation is the production of “pigeon’s milk” for the youngling.

The Beak

Just one of the tired, hungry babies of three. Mamma had just left the box and this one was still wanting more.

Baby Starlings

A few years ago we had a tree cut down that was dying and was too close to the house but we made sure about 12 feet of the trunk remained for the birds. This year we had a starling family nest in a tree hole a flicker had excavated.

Red-headed Woodpecker feeding

A Red headed Woodpecker nest at feeding time, both male and female share the feeding.

Mom Owl Babies and Squirrel

As I photographed the Great Horned Owl nest a Gray Squirrel ran up the tree with nesting material, she had a nest just three feet above the owls. Mom didn’t seem to care, but the little ones were interested and watched the Squirrel go by several times.

Triplet Great Horned Owls

Triplet Great Horned Owls on a rainy day not long before the fledged.

Baby Blue

This was the first nest of Bluebirds we have ever had at this house. The nest box had sparrows in it 6 or 7 years ago and nothing since. We were all so excited to have Bluebirds! I found an egg on the ground and this little one and the two older ones. This was the last time i saw this little one, though. He was so much smaller than his siblings and I was so afraid he would not make it.

This picture was taken on about the 12th day? The others grew so fast and this little one just couldn’t keep up i guess. I am so glad I have this picture of Little Baby Blue. I love it. The look on his face is priceless to me.

One Hungry Chick

Hungry baby bluebird waiting for Mom and Dad to come back with more food.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology