The Outside World

This baby barn swallow was the first of the five nestlings to take a look at the world outside. I am sure that he/she wasn´t expected me to catch the moment. Good luck birdy!


While visiting the rookery in St. Augustine in June of this year, I was able to see tri-color herons at all stages of development with some parents still brooding eggs and many older juveniles practicing their flight skills. These two were staying on the nest, patiently waiting to be fed and not inclined to venture out of their safe spot.

Tree Swallow Nestlings

Three cute Red-breasted Nuthatch Nestlings looking out of Nest

Every chance I had I visited this nest. These little babies were adorable to watch as they all fought to look out of the nest. I love how the one on the very left eyes is closed as if it is annoyed with its siblings.

Eastern Bluebird Nestlings

Four hungry Eastern Bluebirds wait patiently for lunch.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology