Anna’s Hummingbird’s Morning Duty

Mommy’s Here

While my mom was sitting outside, she realized that there was a female hummingbird building a nest in our backyard, up in a tree. The hummingbird started sitting in the nest and eventually, the eggs hatched. The baby hummingbirds continued to grow and the mother came to feed them. One day, while my mom and I were watching the hummingbirds, the mother came to feed them. At that moment, I realized that it was the perfect moment to get a photo of the mother feeding her babies. So I grabbed the camera and took a picture while the mother was still feeding and it turned out better then I thought it would!
Elly Drazic
12 years old

Feeding time

A female Anna’s hummingbird with two chicks waiting for lunch.

Hungry Anna’s Hummingbird Fledgling

This still slightly fuzzy, and very noisy, fledgling Anna’s Hummingbird is begging mom for more food.

Juvenile Anna’s hummingbirds

These babies were about 24 days old. Unwilling to leave their nest. Mom was getting anxious and making attempts to encourage them to test out their new flying gears! It was very fun to watch them for 27 days! Sweet experiences and memories for me.

Anna’s hummingbird feeding time

We watch and photograph this nest for 27 days. This beautiful feeding moment was capture when babies were about 10 days old. It is amazing how gentle and precise this mother was in feeding her babies with her long beak.

Spring Time is Feeding Time

Dog fur is good for nesting material!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology