Morning Quiet Time

Geese families return yearly to the ponds near 1st Street and Taft Avenue to nest and raise their young.

Close to Mom

There was a light rain and these goslings found the shelter of their mother as I was watchinig from a distance.

Salad bar

Baby geese foraging

Mama Goose and her Goslings

While visiting my sister in Minnesota, I captured this image of a Mama Goose leading her 12 goslings to the nearby lake. They followed her in a lovely line across the neighborhood road, into the grass, and down into the water.

Keeping Dry!

Canada Goose Mom protecting chicks from rain.

Canada geese on Mother’s Day

I captured these geese on Mother’s Day.

Canada Goose and First Born on Nest

The first born of a Canada Goose was keeping warm under its mothers feathers while she sat on her nest.

Goslings swimming

Following a bunch of Canada goose with goslings.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology