Whoo Are You?

Great Horned Owl nestling at Castaway Island Park.

Whoooo Are Youoooo?

I was walking through our friends’ pasture in MN when an adult Great Horned Owl swooped down ten feet from me and caught a Garter Snake about two feet long! Watching it, the owl led me to the owlets and I was able to capture this photo.

I love you.

Happily Branching

Great Horned Owl Camo Fledgling

Sleepy Great Horned Owl Fledgling

St Patrick’s Island Owlet

These great horned owlet’s are right in the middle of the city, on St Patrick’s Island.

Stripey fluffy baby

This beautiful baby owl fled to the ground after a raven pulled its tail. I think it later got back up into a tree safely. It is one of (at least) three juvenile owls that have been living on the UCSD campus, along with their parents.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology