Cardinal feeding Cowbird

I did a double-take when I saw a male Cardinal feeding what was obviously not a young cardinal. When I realized that the young was a cowbird, I understood that the bond between a parent and its nestling goes beyond appearances.

Cardinal double-duty!

I Fledged Today

I had been observing this Northern Cardinal in his nest tucked away in a stand of bamboo. Watching him daily until the day he fledged. He landed a short distance on a crape myrtle tree near the stand of bamboo.

baby male cardinal

a baby male Cardinal leaves the nest

Cardinal Kiss

A male cardinal feeds his offspring along the fence next to my back yard feeders.

Northern Cardinal

You Looking at ME

just before fledge…baby cardinal watching over siblings

Beetles for Breakfast

Dad feeding baby…we normally have several nests each year…this one was at right height and openness to get this shot.

Building the Perfect Nest

This Northern Cardinal spent days building her nest. It seemed like a well camouflaged location, but the English Sparrows swarmed in and took ownership. She didn’t go far because I see her daily feasting on blueberries.

Northern Cardinal Nest

Dinner Time

Cardinal pair bond

Taken while photographing from a blind and watching these two cardinals tending to a fledgling, when they started to dance and display, reinforcing their bonds . I was lucky to capture them in this very expressive moment

Northern Cardinal nest and eggs

This nest was built in our Christmas tree that we planted after the holidays.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology