Baby piping plover chick ventures out from the safety of the nest and spreads it’s wings.

Mirror Mirror

My mission this season was to capture images of Piping Plover chicks. During my search I happened to spy a family of Piping Plovers with 4 chicks. I was allowed by the adults to spend the day with this family in this little area that had an abundance of fly larva hatching. This image is of the chick picking a larva in the still pool. Shot with 600mm lens laying in the sand.

Piping Plover Nest

Piping plover

Less than a day old, this young piping plover chick was already busy running the beach eating small insects. It successfully fledged in the summer

Hello World

Piping plover nestling hatching.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology