Dark-eyed Junco Nestlings #2

American Robin Nest #2

American Robin Nestlings #1

American Robin Nest 2023

Nest in ~3 1/2 feet of ground in small deciduous tree.

Northern Mockingbird Nest

Who’s nest is this?

Open cup, on the ground under a brush pile.

Dark-eyed Junco Nest 2024

Nest blew down with windstorm overnight May 19/20. No eggs.

American Robin Nest 2024

Eggs mysteriously disappeared this weekend.
No evidence of shells/predation near nest.
Nest seems undisturbed.

Cymbidium Nest

Nest in my cymbidium orchid

Northern Cardinal Nestlings

Feathering up!

Eastern Phoebe trio

Phoebes reused a nest occupied by finches last nesting season and phoebes the year before that

Cardinal nest with eggs and young!

This northern cardinal nested in the same tree last year! Only last year, the nest fell out in a storm, but the babies survived.

One of these eggs are not like the others?

This is the second nest of a pair of Cardinals that live in my garden this year. This nest is in a potted lemon tree in my courtyard under the eaves and is protected from the weather. Can you identify the white egg?

Northern Cardinal nestlings

This nest was discovered 4/28/24 while I was doing yard work. 2 of the 3 eggs had hatched and the 3rd was just starting. The last photo (5/1/24) shows all 3 successfully hatched.

Yard nest

Robin eggs

Baby robins in nest

Greeen-throated Carib (Eulampis holosericeus) 10-23-23

Green-throated carib (Eulampis holosericeus).

This bird is very common but not in the Nestwatch dropdown list for PHOTOGRAPHS. The bird name is allowed on other areas of NestWatch, just not in the photograph section.


Song Sparrow nest with Brown-headed Cowbird nestling

I followed a Song Sparrow adult to its nest and discovered four nestlings. One was twice the size of the other nestlings, so I figured it must be a Brown-headed Cowbird.

Fallen Robin Nest

American Robin Nest #2

These photos are of the incomplete nest. The pictures of the complete nest will be posted later.
The nest fell down during a windstorm a couple of weeks after it was built and is on the ground (no evidence of eggs).

Northern Cardinal Nest

I was outside gardening when I heard the northern cardinal chipping and I heard a high-pitched chipping to so I went over to a shrub where I heard the sound coming from. A female cardinal flew out. I looked up into the bush, and I saw a nest with three little baby Cardinals.

American Robin Nest – 2023 (Day #9 & 10)

eBird Checklists:

July 8th: https://ebird.org/checklist/S143925808
July 9th: https://ebird.org/checklist/S144120114

(Robins fledged on July 13th).

Still 3 eggs, I can’t wait for them to hatch

Growing Up

Unknown nest with damaged cowbird egg

Unknown nest with damaged cowbird egg. The nest is about 6 or 7 feet in an Oak tree.

Sleepy mockingbird babies

3 cute baby mockingbirds

The female mockingbird does a great job feeding the babies.

Northern Mockingbird nest still has 3 eggs

3 baby mockingbirds

Still 3 eggs

New baby mockingbirds

3 new baby mockingbirds at John Paul’s Landing Park. What’s weird is that there getting feathers but barely even have eyes!

3 new eggs!

Went to John Paul Landing today (the other nests were at Paul Rushing) and found a nest with 3 eggs and a nest with 3 babies! https://ebird.org/checklist/S144138424

American Robin Nestlings (Day #9)

eBird Profile: https://ebird.org/profile/MTQ4OTA3MQ/CA-NS-IN

The new nest

The male of nest #2 (with 2 eggs) is working on another nest in a tree next to it.

Infertile eggs?

Today is day 14 and the eggs have not hatched and do not appear to have been turned. The nest is damaged. Any ideas?

Only 2 nestlings now

Sadly there are only 2 nestlings left. The two weaker, smaller ones are gone from the nest. Any idea what happened? There used to be 4, then 3, and today 2.

3 baby mockingbirds

There are only 3 babies in the nest. I meant 3 yesterday. 1 baby hatched late and looked weak, he sadly probably died.

Still waiting…

It’s been 13 days and these eggs have not hatched. Could they be infertile?


Hopefully, these eggs hatch tomorrow, the nest was a bit damaged from a storm.

Such Sweet Mockingbirds!

Still 4 cute baby mockers.

Two Mockingbird Eggs

These eggs should hatch tomorrow or the day after!

They all hatched!

All 4 eggs hatched! Even the one that I thought was infertile.

American Robin – Day 3

American Robin – Day 2

Newly Hatched Robins

Mockingbird Eggs

Only 4 or 5 more days until they hatch!!

Happy Birthday Mockingbird #3!

Baby Mockingbird #3 hatched today! I wonder if the 4th egg will hatch or if it’s infertile.

Waiting for baby mockers

These little eggs are due to hatch July 4th or 5th so they’re be 4th of July Mockingbirds!

Happy Birthday Baby Mockingbirds!!

Two have the four eggs hatched!! Still waiting for the other two. The other nest’s eggs are due to hatch between July 4th and 5th.

Nest ID needed

Nest is in evergreen tree (6-7ft high). May be an old one. No eggs.

Mockingbird Nest with 4 eggs

I wonder when these eggs will hatch. The female has been doing a great job defending the territory from other mockingbirds.

Northern Mockingbird Nest

The male is always singing in a Pine Tree next to the nest. Can’t wait for the eggs to hatch!

Mockingbird Nest with 4 eggs.

Mockingbird Nest with 2 eggs

Northern Mockingbird Eggs ~ still here!

Sorry for the bad pictures. Even though the nest is only 5 feet up it’s kind of sideways so it’s hard to know where the eggs are when I can’t see them! I have to use a camera above the nest.

Mockingbird nest with 4 eggs

Still 4 eggs!

American Robin eggs

2 eggs laid between June 11th-17th. Another egg laid between June 18th-20th.

Mockingbird Nest #4 of 2023!!

Hopefully, these two nests don’t get eaten!!

Mockingbird Nest

The nest still has two eggs so shes only going to have two. The nest is pretty big for only two eggs, but I guess the babies will need lots of room.

New Mockingbird Nest!

We saw this nest get built and today it had 2 eggs!! Hope the Blue Jays won’t get them. The female was fighting another female about 20 feet from the nest. After she chased off the intruder she flew to the nest. The male was singing.

Northern Mockingbird Nest Failure

We went to visit the nest after 4 days of not seeing it. I had that bad feeling that the eggs would have been eaten (as has happened with all my nests). It was past 8 pm and I walked up to the nest. The mother wasn’t on it and thought that was a bad sign. I stuck the Canon Powershot EPLH 180 (the smallest of our 3 cameras and easy to hold above a nest) and there were the remands of yolk and shells, there was a shell on the ground under the nest. Why do my nests always get eaten? We heard Blue Jays in the trees nearby so I suspect a Bue Jay.

American Robin Nest

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 3

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 2

Mockingbird Nest Part 1

The nest has 4 eggs and both the parents were around the nest

The Mockingbird Nest now has four eggs!

The Mockingbird Nest now has four eggs! Sorry for the poor quality, it was almost 8 pm, and we had to go late due to it being 180 real feel today.

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 3

Even more photos

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 2

More photos of the nest

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 1

Found a new nest on the 9th of June. Today the 11th, the nest had 2 eggs! Excited to watch the nest! It had to make multiple parts due to me getting tons of photos. It’s really hot (in the 100s) so I’m curious if the mother will sit on the eggs, or would they get too hot?

Fallen Nest ID needed!

Found this fallen nest under a Pine tree. We had some bad storms so it probably blew down then. It’s made out of pine needles and too small to be a mockingbird nest. Any ideas?

Songbird nest ID!

More photos of the mockingbird nest

Northern Mockingbird Nest

Mrs. Gunner has a well-built cozy nest. I can’t wait for the eggs to hatch!

Cozy Mockingbird Eggs

Second visit from the same day as my other post. Mrs. Gunner does a great job at incubating and flipping her eggs. I wonder when her eggs will hatch.

Mrs. Gunner’s Nest

Mrs. Gunner. isn’t very protective. She sits on a perch or sign when I check her eggs and flies back after I have left her nest. She seems to like being famous on eBird and NestWatch!

Another visit to the mockingbird nest

Mrs. Gunner does a great job at sitting on her eggs, but she isn’t protective like mockingbirds are supposed to be. She flies away if we are anywhere near the nest.

A Yellow Warbler Nest I Had Found

Banded Carolina Wren and Downy Woodpecker/nest ID needed!

Birding at Edith Moore in Houston, lots of birds including a banded Carolina Wren and a banded Downy Woodpecker. We also came across this nest.

2022 Bird Nests part 2

2022 Bird Nests part 2.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these IDs.

2022 Bird Nests part 1

2022 Bird Nests part 1.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these IDs.

Open cup nests of our beautiful woodland birds

Gray Catbird nest with interesting material

I found this Gray Catbird nest outside the window of the house we were staying in at Acadia National Park. It had strips of cellophane paper woven into it that said “REMOVE”, which I found charming.

Blue-gray Gnatcatchers mob a Barred Owl

A pair of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers mob a Barred Owl that is perched too close to the nest.


American robin sitting in a water puddle

Brown-headed cowbird egg in mockingbird nest

This brown-headed cowbird egg was in a mockingbird nest. This photo was taken AFTER the 3 chicks fledged. There was one mockingbird egg that didn’t hatch. The cowbird egg is the smaller white egg on the right.

Baby Northern Mockingbirds

This nest was located in a front yard.

Recently hatched chipping sparrow

Baby robins


A pair of juncos in my backyard with a nest and they had 2 broods of chicks. This is a photo of one of the parents getting food for the chicks.

Red Vented Bulbul Old Nest

An old nest of a Red-Vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer)

Nest attempt – A1475036

I think this is a hummingbird nest that fell out of the tree.

There might be such thing as a rock pigeon I think!/ID please!

nest that the babies fledged

Tweet and Barney are GONE!

We visited the nest later than we wanted today, (Almost dusk) we thought that the mother would be there. When we saw there was no mother we took the video of the nest and saw, it was empty! The nest wasn’t damaged so was probably a Blue Jay, Crow, or squirrel. Hopefully, we can find another nest to watch soon.

Happy Birthday Barney!!

Barney hatched today! Now we’re waiting for Tweet! Happy Birthday Barney!! He has a few downy feathers on his back. His eyes are closed.

Nest needs id!

Id please!

id please!

Nest ID please! Suspected hawk nest

The nest is made of sticks and leaves. It’s at least 1 square foot, but possibly a little larger. It’s about 60 feet up but I’m not good with guessing height measurements. It’s towards the top of the tree, in a crotch from the main trunk. I have no idea how old it is, so I’m unsure if there was a body of water nearby when the nest was built. It’s a forest habitat, and a little bit of ways from the nest is an area that floods easily. I’ve seen Red-Shouldered Hawks, Red-Tailed Hawks, and Broad-Winged Hawks in my area. I’m guessing it’s a Red-Shouldered Hawk nest, but a Cooper’s Hawk nest is also pretty likely. Any ID help is appreciated!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology