Female American Kestrel

Falcon Folly

On April 21 an American Kestrel decided the box pole top was an ideal perch for hunting. The Swallows
disappeared for a few days, and I got these photos.

BC Nests of 2021

As a Nestwatch contributor I have built several nestboxes for Mountain Bluebirds, Tree Swallows and Kestrels. These are fun and great for monitoring but the wild nests always feel more special when I find them.

Monitoring a Kestrel Nest Box

For two seasons I monitored Kestrel Nest Boxes on behalf of the American Kestrel Partnership. At their recommendation, I used a camera mounted on a pole that I could operate remotedly. This made our monitoring much less disruptive to the nest. All the young fledged successfully.

Female American Kestrel feeding nestlings.

Female American Kestrel feeding 5 nestlings.

My first American Kestrels

My first pair of nesting Kestrels. I was hoping for Screech Owls or Kestrels. I’m thrilled!

American Kestrel

Photo of a kestrel at my local park.

Kestel nest box in Gallatin Valley, MT

The photo was taken by connecting my Iphone to a tiny ‘Zxanycam’ similar to a Go Pro but smaller. It was mounted on a pole an quietly poked through the hole in the nest box. We found this method of nest counts to be less intrusive then the’ ladder-open box’ technique.
This photo was taken June 8th, 2017 in Gallatin Valley, Montana. Our Sacajawea Chapter has banded over 60 Kestrels this summer. Martha Collins- Bozeman, MT

American Kestrel box at Tucson Audubon’s Mason Center

Photo of a kestrel box currently in use by a pair of American Kestrels

Five kestrel nestlings.

One down covered nestling is nearly hidden by a bigger sibling.

Mama Kestrel on the Nest

A female American Kestrel sits/protects her nest

American Kestrels

Kestrel brothers and sister, learning to fly

Things Found in Kestrel Nest Boxes

I have a route of kestrel nest boxes that I check every two weeks in the spring, as a volunteer with Conserve Wildlife NJ. These photos are some of the more interesting things I found yesterday.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology