Kestrel Nest Box in Prime Desert WoodlandLancaster

Picture of Female Kestrel in box opening

Female American Kestrel

Falcon Folly

On April 21 an American Kestrel decided the box pole top was an ideal perch for hunting. The Swallows
disappeared for a few days, and I got these photos.

BC Nests of 2021

As a Nestwatch contributor I have built several nestboxes for Mountain Bluebirds, Tree Swallows and Kestrels. These are fun and great for monitoring but the wild nests always feel more special when I find them.

Monitoring a Kestrel Nest Box

For two seasons I monitored Kestrel Nest Boxes on behalf of the American Kestrel Partnership. At their recommendation, I used a camera mounted on a pole that I could operate remotedly. This made our monitoring much less disruptive to the nest. All the young fledged successfully.

Female American Kestrel feeding nestlings.

Female American Kestrel feeding 5 nestlings.

My first American Kestrels

My first pair of nesting Kestrels. I was hoping for Screech Owls or Kestrels. I’m thrilled!

American Kestrel

Photo of a kestrel at my local park.

Western Screech Owl Nest Box now belongs American Kestrel .

A housed development took over their pasture hunting grounds nesting here in middle of town.

Kestel nest box in Gallatin Valley, MT

The photo was taken by connecting my Iphone to a tiny ‘Zxanycam’ similar to a Go Pro but smaller. It was mounted on a pole an quietly poked through the hole in the nest box. We found this method of nest counts to be less intrusive then the’ ladder-open box’ technique.
This photo was taken June 8th, 2017 in Gallatin Valley, Montana. Our Sacajawea Chapter has banded over 60 Kestrels this summer. Martha Collins- Bozeman, MT

American Kestrel box at Tucson Audubon’s Mason Center

Photo of a kestrel box currently in use by a pair of American Kestrels

Five kestrel nestlings.

One down covered nestling is nearly hidden by a bigger sibling.

Mama Kestrel on the Nest

A female American Kestrel sits/protects her nest

American Kestrels

Kestrel brothers and sister, learning to fly

Things Found in Kestrel Nest Boxes

I have a route of kestrel nest boxes that I check every two weeks in the spring, as a volunteer with Conserve Wildlife NJ. These photos are some of the more interesting things I found yesterday.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology