2020 Hooded Orioles Nesting site in our back yard

I have had a pair of Orioles nest on the side of our house. Their nest has been built between a rolldown blind and a screen door, that we wedge in place so it will not move during nesting season. We have had 27 babies fledge from our site over the last 4 years. This year I plan to mount a nestcam to capture more of their behavior. I do have video, however that has not been loaded online yet

Breeding female Bullock’s Orioles

A gaggle of female orioles that come back annually during their breeding season arriving each year at the end of March. With this crop, there are two males that show up at the feeder from time-to-time. They are a lot of maintenance – I have to make sure to keep the feeders stocked twice a day. It is a bittersweet experience to go out into the backyard and realize they have all abruptly moved on…usually happens in the first weeks of September…

bullock’s oriole just a swinging

First time to see this bird at my feeder.

Bullock’s Oriole being fed

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology