A New Dawn

I have been photographing this family of Burrowing Owls for a couple of years, so the parents are quite tolerant of me. They go about hunting, feeding, and grooming their chicks totally oblivious of my presence. This is one of the first images I captured this season with the chicks about 2 weeks after emerging from the burrow. The sun had just peaked behind a distant mountains and produced a wonderfully warm red glow that bathed the owls and their natural habitat. The rising sun in the chick’s eyes promised a new dawn and a new life for the family.

The cutest babies in Colorado

Baby birds have been abundant in Adams County Colorado, including Burrowing Owlets and Yellow Warbler fledglings. The Yellow Warbler baby was photographed at Barr Lake State Park, and the Burrowing Owls were photographed in Prairie Dog towns in Adams County.

Burrowing Owl

This is a Burrowing Owl burrow that I found in Brian Piccolo Park in Florida. This is a multi-use public park, and the owls are used to people coming and going and jogging right past their burrows.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology