Crazy finch day(Part 3)

3/25/2024. Not all the pictures are finches, but I saw at least twelve finches or more today.

Titmouse, cardinal & Chipping sparrow

White-Brested Nuthatch doing wing display! /Sparrow ID!


A female goldfinch comes multiple times a day to eat from my seed block. My finches don’t seem to like the thistle sock that much, mainly sunflower seeds.

GBBC Backyard Birds

First day of GBBC birds

It’s the first day of the GBBC (Great Backyard Bird Count) and the feeders are packed! Finches, Cardinals, Doves, Jays, Sparrows, and more are at the feeders.

Backyard Birds part 2

The Yellow-rumped Warbler comes every day, multiple times a day, for peanut butter.

Rare Leucistic Chipping Sparrow

Rare Leucistic Chipping Sparrow at my feeder. It comes every day with the other Chipping Sparrows.

Recently hatched chipping sparrow

Carolina Chickadees, Palm Warbler, Chipping Sparrows, Mourning Doves.

So many birds at my new woodpecker log feeder, tube feeder, platform feeder, and seed block feeder.

Feeder Birds

The Cardinals visit sometimes, the Chipping Sparrows visit in flocks of about 50 every day, the Yellow-rumped WArbler visits multiple time a day to eat suet, and The Peep visits every day.

Female Yellow-rumped Warbler, Chipping Sparrow, Mourning Doves, The Peep, Eastern Phoebe

Today was a great day for birding! We saw a new lifer: Brown Creeper. We also saw a Brown-headed Nuthatch, a female Yellow-rumped Warbler, a Pine Warbler, and more! Also, yesterday I saw 5 Purple Finches in a tree! (New lifer!)

Chipping Sparrows, Northern Cardinal, Cooper’s Hawk, The Peep, House Sparrow and Mourning Doves.

There are now about 30 Chipping Sparrows!

Chipping Sparrow at feeder

New feeder bird!!! We saw an immature Chipping Sparrow at the feeders.

Sparrows of Fun

Sparrows enjoying the water at the “Dip”

Baby Chipping Sparrows!

Chipping Sparrow trying to stay warm

Back when Texas got that big snow storm!

Blue Bird/ Chipping Sparrow nestings

I build Blue Bird nest boxes for over 25 years with 2-3 successful nesting per year.

The Sparrow Migration!

Many new birds are migrating past my property and I’m so excited! Last week I saw 36 different species just around my neighborhood!

Still Here!

Second Chipping Sparrow!

Believe it or not, this is only the second time I’ve gotten a Chipping Sparrow. It came for the first time a few weeks ago. I’m glad it finally came back! Now I just have to wait for the hummingbirds… no matter how much I try, I cannot stop thinking about hummingbirds lately!

The start of the Warbler migration in Wisconsin!

This beautiful little fellow has been chasing the Black-capped Chickadees around ALL day! They have a ton of energy!

big baby

Sprightly Sparrow

I observed this active little Chipping Sparrow for several minutes as he/she hopped around a large Tamarack tree in my yard. These trees are full of insects and nesting material, making them a prime habitat for several species of birds.

Chipping Sparrow

Chipping Sparrow

Cow Bird eggs in Chipping Sparrow nest

Chipping Sparrow In Her Nest

This chipping sparrow is incubating her eggs.

Chipping sparrow in her nest

Chipping Sparrows

3 baby Chipping Sparrows in bush right by my house.

Fledgling Chipping Sparrow

One of the four baby Chipping Sparrows that had just fledged

Chipping Sparrow Family

Was lucky to have this beautiful Chipping Sparrow family in my front yard this year!

Leucistic Chipping Sparrow on Her Nest

I had no idea this Chipping Sparrow had built a nest right in front of my house until I got home one day and was walking from my car to the front door when she flew out of a very small, skinny shrub right at the corner of my house! I was thrilled the first time I saw this beautiful bird come to my feeders and couldn’t believe it when she decided to nest right in my own front yard!

Feeding time!

A leucisitc Chipping Sparrow and her mate built a nest right at the front corner of my house next to the walk and driveway in a skinny 3-foot tall shrub. We tried to avoid disturbing the nest as much as possible by using the back door, but the car traffic in the driveway couldn’t be avoided. The parents didn’t seem to mind that we were around – they went about their business and always kept a watchful eye from the roof of our house or a nearby tree. Every few days when I would get home from work, I’d peek at the nest through my camera lens while sitting in my car in the driveway. After I snapped this photo, I realized it must have been feeding time because the baby was swallowing a bug. I went inside and let the parents get back to business. The parents are still frequenting my backyard feeders even though the babies have now fledged.

The last Two chicks


A blanket of chicks to cover Cowbird

The forth one fell out without notice because of Cowbird’s big size. But the others chicks are almost as big as the Cowbird chick.

The growing cowbird

I do wish the other chicks would at least get the same attention as the big cowbird chick. Cute photo though!

Four Chipping sparrows and one fat guest

Now all the eggs have hatched!

The Chipping sparrow chicks

Now I have three chicks that have hatched, I don’t know if any of them are cowbird.

Caroline’s two new chicks (luckly the cowbird hasn’t hatched yet)

On saturday or sunday, two of Caroline and Chip’s eggs hatched.

Squeezing in

Now Caroline has laid a new egg, how cute!

Beautiful little bird

A great closeup.

Caroline relaxing in her nest

I usually take photos when in the car, but today she let me come up close!
Update! now we have four eggs in the nest.

Two chipping sparrows and one Cowbird egg

Caroline now has three eggs to take care of

Chip and Caroline’s nest

Caroline’s nest

Now we have Chipping sparrows nesting in our yard!

Chipping sparrow nest containing a cowbird egg

This nest, located about 7 ft from the ground in an Alberta spruce adjacent to my home, contained 4 chipping sparrow eggs and one cowbird egg.

Chipping Sparrow nest

Nest in cluster of grapevine on backyard “sheep” fence.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology