Crazy finch day(Part 1)


Feeder birds.


Feeder birds/other birds.


Male and Female Dark-eyed Junco Collecting Grass for Nest

May 24, 2023

Busy feeders.

Birds out at the feeders on a cold day.


Junco feasting on sunflower seeds

Titmice, Junco, & Blue Jay.

Backyard Birds part 2

The Yellow-rumped Warbler comes every day, multiple times a day, for peanut butter.

Dark-eyed Juncos and Mourning Dove Eating

Dark-eyed Juncos

A male and a female Junco are coming!

Feeder Birds

New feeder bird: Dark-eyed Junco

Hoping some more juncos come! I could only get one picture.

Dark Eyed Junco – Nest and Fledglings


A pair of juncos in my backyard with a nest and they had 2 broods of chicks. This is a photo of one of the parents getting food for the chicks.

Dark-eyed Junco.

Hello There!

While on vacation with my family I was at my grandmother’s house sitting in the grass watching all the different birds going to and from the feeder. When this adorable juvenile Dark-eyed Junco appeared in the grass in front of me. This was the first time I’ve seen a younger Junco.

ID please!birds at feeder.

we put up our suet feeders in the winter,and then we participate in the great backyard bird count.In febuarary

Dark-eyed Junco on the lookout for predators!

This Dark-eyed Junco stayed on a perch while the other Dark Eyed Juncos feasted on seeds.

MOM NOW MORE – wait, come back!

Dark eyed juncos get a meal from mom that ends too soon.

Junco baby about to Fledge

Junco baby about to fledge, it jumped from the nest basket (fuschia) into another basket (petunia) and then took off from here. Last baby Junco to fledge in 2020.

What kind of bird is this?

This bird chose to nest right by our front door, which had been surprising to both us and the bird. There are hatchlings inside now, and I’m being watched every time I open my door. I love it.

Junco Nest 2 2020

In 2017, we discovered a dark-eyed junco family nesting about five feet away from our window.
Three years later, they (or their offspring?) were back in the same location (different hanging structure) in a Fuschia hanging plant. The two babies successfully fledged despite a nosey scrub jay family.
(Please forgive mistakes. I’m a novice at birdwatching who is open to learning.)

Dark-eyed Junco Nest – 3rd floor balcony birdhouse

The old bird house on our tiny balcony on the 3rd floor was chosen by a pair of Dark-eyed Juncos for nesting. These resourceful little birds have made some amazing shifts in behavior to adapt to urban development. Even watching them build the nest, we weren’t convinced they’d use it. But the other day, lo and behold… two little eggs!

(Slate-colored) Dark-eyed Junco

(Oregon) Dark-eyed Junco

Unknown juncos

dark-eyed junco

dark-eyed junco at our feeder!

Update Junco Hatchlings

Update on the Junco nest in our hanging basket. All five eggs have hatched.

Dark-eyed Junco Nest

We hung up these baskets about three weeks ago. I’m glad we could provide some habitat right next to an active construction site.

Oregon junco under iris

Oregon junco nest, three eggs. Found on the ground underneath large native iris tenax clump, one foot off path on side of house.

Dark-eyed Junco nest

This little Dark-eyed Junco nest was so well hidden. It was tucked under a little mossy rock ledge on the ground. I was walking by and a junco suddenly took flight, so I looked closely and found it. Inside was a nestling and two eggs. Sadly, over the course of a few days they all disappeared. First the nestling, than one of the eggs, and then the final egg. The parents were on the nest most of the the time, so I don’t know what could have gotten it. Perhaps mice or chipmunks.

Dark-eyed Junco naked young

Dark-eyed Junco naked young

Dark-eyed Junco eggs

Dark-eyed Junco eggs in a flower pot of Gaillardia

Dark-eyed junco roosting in martin housing

Although these photos are of a dark-eyed junco on and in martin housing the bird roosted on the other side of the houses in another compartment. Photos taken 3/8/18

Dark-eyed junco roosting in a purple martin house

For about 2 weeks this junco has been roosting every evening in my purple martin gourds or houses. Video created on 3/5/18.

Junco Nest in a Tree

While out bird watching my friend and I saw a Junco – then it flew up to this tree nest where it fed the little ones. The nest was about 6.5 feet up a tree on a little “shelf” in a hole in the tree.


I was mowing the lawn and she flew out. I had never seen a bird’s nest like this, she is now very protected.

Cowbird young in Junco Nest

We’ve been watching the evolution of a Dark-Eyed Junco nest as its been parasitized by a Cowbird. We believe that two of the Junco eggs have been eaten and replaced by two Cowbird eggs at different times. One of the Cowbird eggs has hatched.

Baby Juncos Gaining Feathers

Junco babies continue to rapidly grow, open eyes and develop feathers all over their bodies now.

Junco Nest

Nest underneath patio in backyard. Second year returning to this site.

Dark-eyed Junco

This dark-eyed junco made a nest in a hanging planter under the eave of our back porch. Here she is sitting on 4 yet-to-be-hatched eggs. Since these photos were taken 3 of the eggs have hatched.

Nearly There!

This is the first time I’ve seen any of the babies so far out of the nest cup I could get a picture. A few dozen attempts and I finally got this amazing picture! This is 1 of 3 babies on day 11-12. I think at least 2 of them fledge tomorrow, #3 hatched a full day later.

Dark-eyed Junco, freshly hatched!

I’m lucky enough to have discovered this nest in one of my Strawberry baskets. I now have a nest camera on it.

Dark-eyed Junco Nest & Eggs 2016

Third year successful pair!

Junco Eggs

I’ve seen this Junco pair in and out of a hanging Strawberry basket for a week or so and just discovered it had 2 eggs in it yesterday.

Dark-eyed Junco nest

Day 3, Day 6, Day 10, Day 12

Four (4) 3-day old baby dark eyed juncos, they feed on my deck as well.

Male Dark Eyed Junco

Junco building a nest

Nest in m hanging basket on my deck of my apt.

Dark-eyed junco nest

Eggs and new born Juncos

Three Junco eggs found in backyard deck hanging basket.
Three hungry newborn Juncos thinking I was going to feed them.

window box bird

our new resident


Two nests were started in my four hanging baskets. One was abandoned, one was completed!

Oregon junco eggs

An Oregon junco laid these eggs in a nest she built in a fuschia basket on my back deck.

Happy Birthday

Newborn babies.

Junco nest

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology