Downy Woodpecker~Blue Jay


Crazy finch day(Part 3)

3/25/2024. Not all the pictures are finches, but I saw at least twelve finches or more today.

Feeder birds/other birds.


Birds on suet wreath.


Fedder birds(Part 1)

Immature male Downy Woodpecker

I know you cant see the red that indicates that he is a male; but it’s very faint and on the top of his head.

Female Downy Woodpecker

Juvenile Downy Woodpecker at the nestbox

When we put up this nestbox last winter, we thought that either a House Sparrow or starling would take it. (which would be nice, first come first serve) Since we put it up several birds have considered it, chickadees, starlings, and now a woodpecker. He would bang on the birdhouse, widen the opening, then go and collect wood chips from the fence, then he would return and put them in the birdhouse. I read that some birds have their oldest brood to help make the nest and take care of the new babies. This is the second time that a Downy has been in our backyard and now we might have a nest! We aren’t going to go near the box until they (hopefully) have a nest since birds can abandon their unfinished nests but are very unlikely to abandon eggs or young.

Male Downy Woodpecker

Male Downy Woodpecker

Male Downy Woodpecker

Banded Carolina Wren and Downy Woodpecker/nest ID needed!

Birding at Edith Moore in Houston, lots of birds including a banded Carolina Wren and a banded Downy Woodpecker. We also came across this nest.

Downy Woodpecker feeds nestling in a tree cavity

While birding along the C&O Canal in Maryland, I heard begging noises just behind me, and turned to see a Downy Woodpecker feeding nestlings in a tree cavity a few feet away.

Downy/Hairy Woodpeckers Copulating

I was able to witness a pair of Downy/Hairy Woodpeckers copulating. I’m unsure of where they nested or if they had any successful broods. Sorry for the bad photo quality.
Photos taken on April 13, 2022
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T7

Downy Woodpecker at Feeder

Taken at August 21, 2022 at Bird Feeder

Downy Woodpecker at Suet Cake

Downy Woodpecker enjoys suet feeder in light snow

Feeder birds.

Downy Woodpecker

Look carefully. She’s on the feeder. I’ll try to get better pictures.

Mom and her youngin’

Hairy Woodpecker

I think this is a female Hairy Woodpecker ~ lacks red spot.

Looks Like We Will Be Having Baby Downy Woodpeckers This Year!

I was watching the female Downy Woodpecker as she ate from the suet feeder. Suddenly, a male flew up and scared her away. Then a female Baltimore Oriole flew up and scared him away. I happened to look out my window at the oak, and I saw both Downy Woodpeckers sitting on the dead limb. I glimpsed a blur of feathers, and it took me a second to comprehend that they were mating! I’m so excited that I caught that out in the wild!!! Ive seen Barn Owls and Bald Eagles mating on camera, but I’ve never seen it with my own eyes out in nature! It was so cool! I have seen the Downy Woodpeckers pecking at it, but they were moving up and down the branch, so I thought they were only searching for bugs. I’m thinking about climbing that tree in search of a nest cavity, but I don’t want to have to go to all that work to drag a heavy ladder up to it if there’s no nest, so do birds typically only mate at or near the nest site, or do they mate wherever?

Warbler Galore! (Big Birding Day Part 2)

Sorry for the not-so-great pictures. Aside from the three kinds of warblers, I saw a European Starling, two Ospreys, robins, crows, Tree Swallows, Black-capped Chickadees, Downy Woodpeckers, and White-breasted Nuthatches.

Full House

Our birdfeeders are always full. During multiple times throughout the day there is even a waiting line for them lol. My kids have learned so much from watching these beautiful creatures.

Babies Galore!

It seems all the babies are fledgling now and coming to our feeders!

Two baby Downy Woodpeckers

Baby woodpeckers, so cute!

Baby downy woodpecker gets a scare!

Downy Woodpecker feeding baby

I found Papa Woodpecker feeding baby woodpecker suet. At first i thought he was feeding his mate, (romantic) but it turns out it was actually his baby! So cute, brought tears to my eyes!

My recent Birding

Downy woodpecker chick

Taken in 2015. I was going to get my mail, across the road, and heard agitated peeping. I watched long enough to see that the parent came. Someone was just very impatient.

Take over

Downey woodpecker took over Eastern Blue Bird nest fall of 2018 and has been enjoying it all winter.

Mother downy woodpecker feeds her baby on the suet feeder.

Cross-Species Feeding!

An adult Downy Woodpecker feeding a fledgling Nuthatch!

Downy Woodpecker feeding its baby

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology