Bathing birds.

More juvenile bluebirds and a cardinal nest!

Juvenile bluebird!

Chipmunk vs flycatcher, bluebird fledging, and scarlet tanager.

Then, the chipmunk dragged it off but we chased the chipmunk and he dropped the bird. We put him(flycatcher) in a cage and survived until he died on the morning of May 12th.

Bluebird home goes Carolina wren style

Opened this box to find a nest of an eastern bluebird located in deep woods that first appears to look like a Carolina wren nest to me.

Bluebird nest progression

First pair of nesting bluebirds I’ve ever had


Eastern Bluebird Mama Laid an egg!

Sorry, The First Post was Incorrect. This Female Eastern Bluebird Laid an Egg!

Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Nest Update 02: Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Eastern Bluebird Eggs

The bluebird pair has 5 eggs. The last egg was laid 4/26/24.

Eastern Bluebird Nest

This Female Eastern Bluebird brought in some plastic for her nest.

Baby bluebirds!

Baby bluebirds! 4/27/2024

Eastern Bluebird Eggs (2)

First egg was likely 4/18/24.

Chickadee Destroys Bluebird Eggs

Noticed yesterday on the cam that 3/4 of the bluebird eggs had holes poked in them. Bluebird female returned to sit on eggs overnight. Male bluebird removed the damaged eggs this morning, then later today captured video of a chickadee destroying the final egg.
Year over year this has been a productive bluebird box. This is a fist time I’ve observed this behavior.

Eastern Bluebird Male on guard

House sparrows were attempting to takeover the nest this day. This male bluebird was not having it.

Top 5 best bird photos from 2023

Nesting birds(July)

Nesting birds(May)

Bathing birds.


Fighting for the water.

Baby Bluebirds Sleeping

Baby bluebirds sleeping but waiting for the next food delivery.

Bluebird chicks.


Bluebird babies.

I am posting them today because I thought I wouldn’t have time.

Berry birds(Part 1)

Feather ID needed

Blue feather found at Kleb Woods. Think either Eastern Bluebird or Blue Jay but leading towards Bluebird due to color. I’m not an expert on bluebirds but it looks nothing like a Blue Jay feather.

Bluebird wins

A bluebird gained control over a tree swallow nest and laid eggs, and here’s the nestlings at 7 days old.

Tree Swallow Mama and Eastern Bluebird Babies

Beautiful Tree Swallow Mom with her clutch.
Eastern Bluebird babies.



just hatched (and still hatching)

Arrived just in time to see this newly hatched Eastern Bluebird. If you look closely at two of the other eggs, you’ll see the peck marks of the hatchlings trying to get out.



Newly hatched Eastern Azure Bluebirds

Continued Nestwatch monitoring of nestbox. First view of chicks after previously observed 6 eggs.

Nesting Eastern Azure Bluebirds

Continued monitoring of nesting effort

Lots of birds.

Good practice for the chickadees once they get old!

Male Bluebird visiting nestbox to feed female.

Adult male feeding female in the nest with 5 eggs.
Is this a Western or Eastern Azure?

Five eggs in the Bluebird nest!

This is our Bluebird’s second brood in this nest box this year. We had at least four nestlings successfully fledge last brood and I hope we have the same luck this time!




2nd Brood Attempt

With this year’s first brood now feeding themselves, I noticed the adults were active at the nest box. I have not checked until today, and found 5 eggs in the nest! 2nd attempt underway.
I do not know the date of the first egg, so I am estimating it to have been 5/23/2023.
This nest is built very tall, and the contents are a bit hard to photograph.


Global Big Day Birds.

Global Big Day Birds.

Time’s up!

3-day-old Eastern Bluebird babies, still hugging an unhatched egg.

Nest Box Cameras

YouTube Channel


Sorry for the bad photos. None of them were the best.

Nests update.

Bluebird nestlings and a Titmice birthmarks

Photo #1 – April 18, 2023
This is a Tufted Titmouse on our umbrella pole; Its nest is in there. Last year, we had Titmice raise a successful brood of 6 in there, and looks like they’re going to nest again! The thing about this specific Titmouse is that, if you look closely, it has a black mark underneath its left eye. While this could just be something that smudged its feathers, I believe it is a permanent birthmark-like mark. The female from last year (photo #5) had a mark like this beside her right eye, so I think this is one of her offspring that inherited the birthmark. What do you think?


Very excited — and surprised — to find 6 Bluebird eggs in the nest box today! Now this is what you call a Bluebird Eggstravaganza! This is far beyond my Eggspectations for this wonderful Bluebird pair!

They’re Back!

Eggs and a Goldfinch

Busy nest building bluebirds

Chickadee nest, first egg of Bluebird.

5 Eastern Bluebird eggs

4/4/23: 1 egg,
4/6/23: 3 eggs,
4/9/23: 5 eggs.

Bluebirds on chickadee house.

New Bluebird nest!

I went to check all of my nest boxes and when I got to my first one, a female Bluebird flew out of the box! I checked on the inside and found this nest, I’m hoping we’ll have some Bluebird babies this season!
The nest is made of twigs and dried grass, and is inside a nest box roughly 6 by 6 1/2 inches wide and long. The box is about 10 1/2 inches tall with an entrance hole about 1 1/2 inches. The box is facing Southwest.

First Egg of 2023!

This pair of Eastern Bluebirds have been busy building their nest. Today I checked and found the first egg.

I (like to) believe this is the same pair that raised 3 chicks in this next box last year. Two adult bluebirds have been on the property and feeders throughout the fall and winter. Sometimes, a few others joined them – including some immatures.

Eastern Bluebird nest building begins.

M & F pair of Eastern Bluebirds observed bringing nesting materials (grasses) to the same nest box used last year. Up to five bluebirds were present daily here throughout the winter, including 2 adults. Possibly the same individuals?

Bluebird, Wren & Creeper.

Wind blown Eastern Bluebird

Bluebird sitting on sign describing bluebird monitoring project at Mint Springs Park.

Chickadee, Bluebird, & Nuthatch.

Rare Bluebird visit to the feeders. There was 2 males & 1 female.

First breeding season in our new home

A selection of images of some of our backyard parents and their kids. The bluebirds had three clutches in a new house I built just for them after I noticed them interested in (but not buying) an older house I’d put up. The Tanagers were summer-long visitors to our feeders, which was a real treat, and the Broad-winged Hawk was one of three fledglings who seemed unafraid to use our birdbath during the summer heat.

Joyfully Birdwatching

From my window I see
So many lovelies
Looking back at me

Baby Bluebirds

Eastern Bluebird feeding one of its young.

Another picture of an Eastern Bluebird feeding one of its young. The nest box was located in my backyard. Three Bluebirds hatched and fledged. The dad was diligent in feeding his young!

Eastern Bluebird Nestling

Eastern Bluebird Nestling that was getting close to fledging. From Spring-Summer 2022. My first attempt at installing a bluebird nest box. Three bluebirds successfully hatched and fledged.

Eastern Blue Bird feeding its nestling

Eastern Bluebird feeding its nestling. Nest box was located in my backyard spring-summer 2022. My first attempt at building one, installing, and monitoring it! Three Bluebirds hatched and fledged.

The Seasonal Evolution of a Duck Box

I have had this Duck Box on the edge of the East Fork of the Eno River in my backyard for 7+/- years. This is the first year it served as a successful nest site for 2 species, Wood Ducks and Eastern Bluebirds. Red Shouldered Hawks on the other hand have always found the Duck Box a productive hunting perch.

Blue Birds and Hummingbirds

Eastern Bluebird Nesting


Eastern-screech owl & a Eastern bluebird’s eggs,2020.

This is in 2020,I am posting this on:10/7/2022.I was new to Nestwatch in 2022.

(He or she)screech owl.

Bluebirds Fledge, Robins Hatch, Hummingbird

All five bluebirds have fledged, the Hummingbirds have popped up in the yard, and all three robin eggs have hatched.

A juvenile bluebird assists in feeding the brood. Eastern Bluebird

A juvenile bluebird has been assisting mom and dad with feeding the brood. There are four hatchlings in the nest.

Bluebird Hatchlings

All 5 bluebirds have hatched! I’ve seen adults stop in to feed very frequently!

Bluebirds Hatch!

Today the first two (I promise there’s another hatchling under the bird with it’s mouth open haha) bluebirds have hatched!

Eastern Bluebird Juvenile Feeds Nestlings

While photographing Eastern Bluebirds bringing insects to their nestlings in a tree hole, I “caught” a juvenile also bringing insects to its (presumed) siblings!! What a surprise!! The juvenile entered the tree hole four times with insects over the course of about an hour-and-a-half while the parents also fed the nestlings. The male bluebird had to wait his turn while the juvenile was in the tree hole.

Bluebird Meal!

When I approached the box, I saw the mama feeding her young. Bluebird young are fed exclusively plant and berry matter. After she left, I checked the box and was able to watch the (confused) babies eat their meals!

Bluebird Nest

Eastern Bluebirds: eyes open; feathering up

The three nest mates are coming right along. This will probably be the last time I open the box until they fledge.

Papa Bluebird on Guard

The male of my Bluebird pair is very protective of his nest box.

Five Eggs, Four Mouths, 3 Sleeping Nestlings

Eastern Bluebird – five eggs laid, 4 hungry young on May 7, 2022. At least 3 sleeping nestlings on May 13. Not sure if the fourth is still there and is just hard to see. Time will tell!!!

Eastern Bluebird Hatchlings

Eastern Bluebird hatchlings – one egg left. I see a small puncture / crush on the last egg. Not sure if it is starting to hatch (to the best of my knowledge, that’s usually a morning thing), or if it was accidentally punctured.
Time will tell. Won’t check again for at least 3 days from now.

Eastern Bluebird Nest Building Underway

Nest building started Sunday, 4/10/22.

Fledgling Bluebird

This little bluebird fledgling just left the nest and is looking around, taking it all in, and looking for mom and dad!

It’s a family affair

Bluebird family (siblings and parents) all pitch in to feed the nestlings

Feed us Mommy!

Mama Eastern Bluebird bringing food to the hungry nestlings.

Juvenile Bluebird Perched on the Deck Post

Waiting patiently as their brothers and sisters hog the mealworm dish.

Our favorite kind of guests

We have several nestboxes that we monitor and maintain on our property. Each year, they are full of babies…some having 2 to 4 broods with us.

Breakfast Has Been Served

A female Eastern Bluebird leaves the nest box after a quick morning meal delivery.

Eastern blue!

Bluebird in the yard!

Crowd of baby bluebirds

This is a photo of one of the batches of Eastern bluebirds that successfully fledged from one of our bluebird nesting boxes. We provide live meal-worms in a special feeder. The parent birds quickly (usually) find the feeder and make good use of it. Their frequent flights to and from the feeder back to the nest box provide beautiful flashes of color as they struggle to keep up with the ever-hungry chicks.We are convinced that at least a few of these chicks have hung around, knowing that there is a good supply of food both natural and feeder-based.

BlueBird House 1 Activity

The enjoyment from observing and learning Bluebird families is rewarding…

First Birdhouse First Clutch

My first birdhouse build project. I wanted to build a real working birdhouse versus decorative. I researched the bird species with the need, and found Cornell Labs Nestwatch. This is now the first of 2 bluebird houses on either ends of our property.

5 Little Bluebirds

This picture was taken in the spring of 2021. A pair of bluebirds successfully raised these five youngsters.

The Good Parents

The Old Trolley Line Trail, Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Bluebirds in Virginia Backyard.

Our first year putting in a bluebird nest box in our backyard was a huge success. We saw 3 different broods born, fledged 13.

Eastern Bluebird Young

something for the nest

bluebird in spring doing its job

Eastern Bluebird Eggs

Eastern Bluebird eggs in a dark nest box.

Eastern Bluebird Female on Nest

New kid in town

Newly hatched Eastern Bluebird

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology