First Flutter

I think this is the first time any of the babies fluttered their wings

Nest in a fancy wreath

I think this is a House finch that built a nest in the Christmas wreath since we were away for 4 months and we live in a very quite neighborhood with a forest in our backyard.

Feeding the chicks

The chicks are finally getting big enough to be seen above the nest while being fed

Week old House Finch babies

Mama wasn’t around, so got a little video of the babies

Feeding the kids

First feeding behavior seen in camera clips

New babies

Saw feeding behavior in camera clips, so got a picture of the nest to see how many there were. I *think* I see 4…

Breakfast date

House finch husband comes to pickup wife for breakfast date

Breakfast in Bed

My house finch husband appears to be feeding mama while she’s sitting on the nest (it was actually afternoon, so more like lunch than breakfast 😉 )

New Neighbors

Recently a house finch couple built a nest on a light fixture on my deck, so I installed a camera to watch them without disturbing them. The mounting place seems to be too close for good focus, but it’s good enough to see the behavior of the birds…

Crazy finch day(Part 3)


Crazy finch day(Part 3)

3/25/2024. Not all the pictures are finches, but I saw at least twelve finches or more today.

Crazy finch day(Part 1)


Wreath nest

Hanging flower basket nest

Found this nest in a hanging flower basket on my deck. Can’t believe how many eggs are in this little nest and two different kinds.

Cowbird egg in House Finch nest located in front porch wreath

House Finch and Cowbird

House finches built a nest. Looks like a cowbird found it.

4 baby finches!

Mr. and Mrs. Finch have four baby finches. Sadly, neither of them wants to care for them, the babies are so thin! Mrs. Finch seems to have abandoned them and Mr. Finch refuses to feed them. I hope they are ok!

Finch Eggs on my Wreath!

I am just a kid in 6th grade who is very interested in birds. But seeing these eggs, and nature on my front steps, is amazingly beautiful.

Mama House Finch

Mama House Finch taking good care of her nestlings. 4-16-23

*RARE* yellow House Finch

*RARE* yellow House Finch on a tomato cage in the backyard!!

RARE Yellow House Finch!

I was looking at the finches when I noticed this rare yellow House Finch! This is the second time that I have seen a bird like this.

House Finch Courtship Feeding

The finches were both feeding when Mr. Finch pushed Mrs. Finch to the edge of the platform feeder, Mrs. Finch flapped her wings like a baby bird and opened her beak, Mr. Finch fed her, he also fed her in the neighbor’s cypress tree.

House Finch Pair

First sighting at the feeder this year


A female goldfinch comes multiple times a day to eat from my seed block. My finches don’t seem to like the thistle sock that much, mainly sunflower seeds.

GBBC Backyard Birds

Finches at the feeder

So many finches lately!

Backyard Birds part 1

So many backyard birds that I never see! Cowbirds, finches, chickadees, and more!

American Rose Finch

American Rose Finch taking a break after eating lots of organic sunflower seeds 🙂

Young House Finch Bathing

2022 Breeding Birds

House Finch Pair Eating

A Pair of House Finches eating black-oil sunflower seed on April 2

Why hello there, Mrs. Finch!

This adorable female house finch looked directly at my camera, making for a cute onto! She was eating at my birdfeeder with her mate.

House Finches

House Finches!!

This Finch dreams of being a Hummingbird

I set up our hummingbird feeder right next to the Ring camera so that we could watch the hummingbirds come to the feeder. One day, I was looking through the footage and was surprised to this male House Finch land on top of the feeder. He sat there for a minute, he even preened himself, then he just flew off. I’m assuming he was just attracted by the colors.
Screenshot was from July 7, 2022

Finch or Hummingbird?

Mrs. Finch on a hummingbird feeder

House Finch Babies

Five of our house finch babies in a bush. They will soon fledge as they’ve been in the nest for 12 days now. The nest is becoming quite cluttered with fecal matter… a shame they aren’t as faithful in taking fecal sacks as robins are!

Hatch Day!

Hatching day for the 5 babies in a hanging fern basket. Two already hatched.


Lots of fledglings today! 1 White-winged dove,1 Mourning Dove, at least 2 House Sparrows, 1 Mockingbird, 1 House Finch, and 1 Blue Jay! The baby Finch couldn’t figure out how to eat the birdseed. He picked up a huge sunflower seed and then put it back. He couldn’t even eat the milo and millet. The baby Blue Jay grabbed on our window and ate a spider.

House Finch Nest

House finch nest in a hanging basket of ferns.

House Finch Nest

House finch nest located in a shrub in my yard. All visits from the day I found them to the day of the first hatchlings.

Pair of House Finches

This pair of female house finches look young to me. Wondering if they might be from the brood that fledged from my Christmas wreath around May 9th.

Mr. House Finch

Mr. Finch looking for seeds. He was with a male and female House Finch.

Robins Nest

This nest was built in a spring wreath on our front door

House Finch and Tree Swallow

Have a large variety of nesting structures around rural property. Sometimes birds nest in the most inconvenient places. Otherwise, there is plenty of opportunity for cavity nesters. At least one successful Bluebird clutch per year.

Cozy home

House finch checking out wreath for nest. The finch nested in my wreath last year and had four or five broods.
Wreath is on a window tucked under our small covered front porch. When they arrive we use the back entrance!


I monitor some nests and enjoy taking photos of the juveniles as they make their way out into the world.

Messy House Finch nest

Finch Family

While I was out of town for a few days in the late spring of 2018, my feeders were not getting filled. This one, made by my dad, was usually filled with sunflower seed, but when I got back home, I discovered a pair of house finches had started building a nest in it! Since the feeder was hanging on the porch just outside the living room window, I was able to enjoy watching everything from the adults finishing the nest, to the fledglings leaving the safety of home for the nearby snowball bush. It was a real treat!

Finches eating

Baby finches in a Christmas wreath

Late March a finch built a nest in my Christmas wreath. On April 3rd I noted 3 eggs. April 4th there were 4 eggs. On April 12th there were 5 eggs. On April 19th all 5 had hatched. Lots of activity over the last week or so.

Strange Nestfellows

This picture was taken by my son in Waukee, Iowa. The nest is in his fireplace vent. He has seen a house finch entering and exiting the nest. I have two issues:
1) I think the bigger eggs, including the speckled ones and the almost pure white one, are all house finch eggs. My friend thinks the speckled ones are brown-headed cowbird eggs. What do you think?
2) What in the world is the smaller. beige egg?
Your assistance will be appreciated.

Two little House Finch babies poking their heads out of the nest almost ready to fledge.

Two little House Finch babies poking their heads out of the nest almost ready to fledge. (And they fledged successfully!)

Spring nest 2021

A pair of House finches built this nest on the wreath of my front door. I guess I will be directing guest to the side door of the house. The mail is always close by when the female is sitting on the eggs.

Baby House Finches in nest.

Baby House Finches in nest. Parents are names Amiria and Avolon! How many finches can you see? 3!

House Finch Nests

House Finch nests at the Kentucky Castle

Oranges attract more than you think!!

I’ve noticed around 5 different species that like oranges, so… if you want to attract more birds, you gotta put out the oranges! 🙂

House Finch Nest

House Finch nest of a pair that keeps visiting my feeder! There are also two other nests in the area.

Young finch begs for food

House Finches eating off of an orange

The orange was supposed to be for Baltimore Orioles, but apparently Black-capped Chickadees and House Finches like it too.

Reposting this image cause i forgot all about it.

So sorry i haven’t answered! I forgot all about this post, especially after i changed my profile name to my actual name. I’m not really sure what happened to this guy. I’m guessing he might have got attacked or caught in a fence. Cause he can’t really fly so I’m guessing he has a leg injury or wing. I haven’t seen this guy ever since, so I’m sadly not sure if he made it.

Cowbird egg in house finch nest

After just putting out our spring wreath, we found a couple birdies stealing from it.. a week later they made a nest.. then came the eggs!

Hard Working Team.

These images were taken for my NestWatch project. This attempt was a sad one because: The nest was completed. Three blue eggs were laid. Three eggs hatched, exposing three tiny naked youngsters. Some days later, the youngsters were found dead in the nest. No hint to as what went wrong.

House Finch Eggs!!!

On my porch, there is this little white hanging bench swing that is supposed to be a bird feeder, but I never filled it up. And now, there is a beautiful pair of House Finches nesting in it!
The eggs are SO cute!

House finch nest in progress

After making several adjustments to my eavebox I have made it jay-proof. So now I can watch the baby birds grow up and not be attacked

Injured Male House FInch

Concerned about eggs not yet hatched.

First sited these eggs on 7.11.19. 7.22.19 very nasty storm came through. We had a lot of damage in our town but nothing too bad at our house. We duct taped hanging basket earlier in the day but were not home when storm came through. When we came home basket was still there, nest and eggs intact. Noticed Mama Bird next morning, but haven’t seen Papa Bird. This morning haven’t seen Mama Bird either. Could these eggs take that long to hatch?

Male House Finch Feeding Leucistic Female at the Nest

Male House Finch Feeding Leucistic Female at the Nest

Male House Finch

House finch eggs

Nest around my house

House Finch Nestlings

So happy to see there’s Nestlings after the recent very high winds. I thought the nest would’ve blown out of the near top of the Arborvitae tree as it bent in half as the wind blew with 50 mph gusts.
This nest is in a tree right outside my kitchen window. The birds have been very aware of my presence. Even prior to nest construction. They’ve still decided to build and birth.

Nest found between front door and hanging wreath

My husband noticed a bird flying by his head as he came in our front door tonight and we found this nest! Excited to monitor this for the next few weeks and will be making sure to not use our front door so as not to disturb the nest more than we already have.

Our House Guests March 24

House finches brood # 2 of 2018

2nd brood of finches in our flower pot this summer, a success!

House finch nest #2

This is the second nest for the house finch couple near our home. The first one was in May and 3 chicks were successfully hatched and remain in our yard and at the feeders. After cleaning out that 1st nest and re hanging the flower pot, immediately they started to build a nest. Within 4 days, she laid 4 eggs! Such a busy couple!

Finch nest in hanging porch pot

This was a successful nestwatch! From beginning to almost end the finches have succeeded in raising 3 more. They remain around our yard, under the decks and hostas as we garden and minimally feed seed now….

Finch fledglings in the snowball bush

This enormous snowball bush in our front yard has welcomed a variety of fledglings . . . cardinals, bluebirds, carolina wrens, and today, house finches.

Six-day-old house finch nestling

So much fun nestwatching this year! This is one of five house finch babies we get to watch from our living room window. But this is our last nest for now; everyone else has flown the coop, and these little ones will be gone by the end of next week.

House Finches nesting

Finch nest in hanging porch pot

wating for the finch eggs to hatch, I will submit more pics
the cowbird egg might disappear….

House Finch Nest

House Finch Nest with Cowbird Egg

Discovery of house finch nest on our wreath on our front door! We noticed the house finches stealing our artificial wrath twigs last month and now we found that they built a nest! It seems we have a cowbird egg in there. The House Finch hasn’t abandoned the nest yet! Will keep an eye on it and leave out the back door for a while.

Dad Feeding Mom

Videos posted to public album:

Five eggs spotted April 25th.Incubation began April 26th. Hatched on May 7th.Incubation is by female, about 13-14…

Posted by Tiffany O'Brien on Thursday, April 26, 2018

One Week of Growth in House Finches

Living Over the Restaurant?

While I was out of town recently, my sunflower feeder remained empty for several days, and a house finch decided to move in!

House finch nest on the Thuja tree

It’s 6th day from when I fouds the House Finch nest and the eggs became a little lighter. Will they ready to hutch?

House finch nest on the Thuja tree

I noticed the nest of House Finch in my Thuja tree. I put the tree close to my entry door for winter and when my husband wanted to plant it the spring I saw the bird fly away from inside when I walked by it. Then I looked closer and found House finch nest.

House Finch Front Door Eggs

Discovering that there were eggs in the nest!

House Finch Nestling Trio

All but one House Finch hatched within the last day! Hoping the last egg will hatch as well for a full nest.

House Finch Hatching

House Finches 2017

In 2017 a pair of House Finches raises two broods in a nest on our front porch. It is now April 2018 and they are getting the nest ready for another successful season.

5 house finch eggs

House Finch Eggs

First clutch of eggs from the House Finch nest above our door.

Overcoming adversity

Spike deterrent was put in place to stop the robins from trying to nest above the front door last year. This year the house finches have decided to use it to support their nest.

Backyard bird activity 03-28-2018

Eastern Bluebird nesting in our bird house, other frequent visitors to our backyard feeders… rainy, overcast weather today….

House Finch Nest

House Finch(?) Nest

Active nest right outside our front door! My children have fun keeping tabs on this little family of birds. We are just learning how to monitor nests. So far, we have not disturbed these birds in any way other than taking photos of them from inside the house with a telephoto lens.

House Finch in planter

House Finch Nest

House Finch Fledglings

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology