House Sparrow Baby In Nest In a Sign

Baby House Sparrow

House Sparrow Fledglings

I have around 10-12 sweet baby House Sparrows at my feeder.

Nest Building 2024 (So far)

very cold doves

junco fattening up

Mouths to Feed

Yearly use of a sheet metal birdhouse by House Sparrows a few feet outside the window of my workshop.

2023 Nesting Season Overview Part Two

Leucistic House Sparrows

I have two leucistic House Sparrows in my flock. Both are shown in this photo. One has a part white feather on its wing and the other has a white tail feather. Both have been visiting for months.

Mrs. Sparrow feeding her baby

“I don’t wanna get wet!”

This baby sparrow was trying to take a bath without getting wet!

Baby House Sparrows

Mrs. Perry is doing a great job feeding her four babies!

Happy Easter from my backyard birds!

Happy Easter from my backyard birds!

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:00

House Sparrow Fledgling!

The first sparrow fledgling of the year!

RARE leucistic House Sparrow

Mrs. Sparrow collecting feathers

Mrs. Sparrow is back to get more feathers.

Mrs. Sparrow collecting feathers

Mrs. Sparrow came 6 or 7 times to collect dove feathers. My doves always fight over seeds and pull each other’s feathers out.

House Sparrow Nest

House Sparrow nest in the library

GBBC Backyard Birds

Bird needs ID. Might be a female House Sparrow

Sparrows at the window

House Sparrows Enjoying a Bath

House Sparrows on a Snowy Day

Recorded on January 4, 2022, at the bird feeder

Chipping Sparrows, Northern Cardinal, Cooper’s Hawk, The Peep, House Sparrow and Mourning Doves.

There are now about 30 Chipping Sparrows!

Feeder Birds

A few of our feeder birds

House sparrow.

Wet House Sparrows

House Sparrows splashing in a puddle

Father House Sparrow feeding son

Male house sparrow feeding young male. One reason to keep your feeders up in summer is so that the parent birds can feed the babies! Suet is one of the first things many birds feed their babies so it’s very important to leave it up all year.

White House Sparrow

White House Sparrow from earlier this year.

Half white House Sparrow

Rare half white house sparrow. His tail and back are white. There are two like this in our yard.

Young male House Sparrow

Young male House Sparrow eating birdseed

Birdwatching at the Beach!

During a vacation this past week, I watched a black backed gull catch a small fish and peck at it for a bit before swallowing the remainder of it whole. Very neat! Two laughing gulls were getting some morning sun on the sand. I also spotted a female house sparrow feeding her nestlings at an outdoor restaurant that I visited!

Young male or female House Sparrow?

See this House Sparrow every day. It looks like a female house sparrow but it has black spots near its legs. Young males don’t normally look like this. It looks to be an adult. There is another sparrow like this with balck spots only near its legs. Young males normally only have it under their chin. I saw a half-white male House Sparrow a couple of days ago. All near his tail was white.

Three male House Sparrows!

Three male House Sparrows eating birdseed on the patio

House Sparrow Fledgling

This female House was opening her yellow beak very wide and licking the top of her mouth. She was also blinking a lot. She looked newly fledged and smaller than the other House Sparrow fledglings that visit our feeder. She was on our fence and wasn’t eating seeds.

House Sparrow Fledglings

house sparrows

A Bird

Sparrow nest

Two sparrows stuffed a bunch of straw into the space between the roof and wall of our chicken house then left. Do you think they will come back?

House Wrens KILL

Tree Swallow nest

House Wren De

Unknown egg!! Maybe House Sparrow??

This is a Song Sparrow’s nest with a Brown-headed Cowbird’s egg, but what bird laid the bluish-white speckled one?

Baby House Sparrows

Just hatched!

the very beginnings…….

Young House sparrow

House sparrow

Darla Darlings

About a week old!

Earls Darlings

House Sparrow nest in a Azalea bush in my back yard.

Under God’s Care

We were admiring the sculptural facade of Mission San Jose, San Antonio, TX. Noticed the nest which seemed under the care of the saint.

leucistic house sparrow juvenile and nest

House Sparrows Nest at the Lone Star Stop

House Sparrow is not bothered by all the people coming and going at the gas station.

The Younglings!

The young birds all out and about to explore the outside world..captured them in different ways enjoying the sunshine food and the weather.

house sparrow nest with 4 eggs

Typical house sparrow nest

House Sparrow’s poor decision.

It is early June and a House Sparrow decided to build a nest in the base of a seed cylinder, with a dove-deterring cage. It does of course present a dilemma for the bird watching property owner.

House Sparrow Eggs

This House Sparrow egg was 1 of 5 that were boiled to render them nonviable. In this area House Sparrows are proving a real problem and have kicked out 2 nesting birds and killed 1 female Tree Swallow just in 2015

They grew up so fast!

The first baby Robin fledged yesterday! It was so cool to watch! Can’t wait to see the others fledge!
I’m so proud of the Momma and Daddy Robins! First House Sparrows destroyed their nest, then an American Crow flew up to their nest, but none of the babies were harmed thank goodness!

Cliff Swallows take up occupancy each summer at an 8 story office of the General Motors Technical Center.

More than 100 nests were built by Cliff Swallows. These photos document their return.

Dinner Time

Guarding the House

Male House Sparrow guarding the nest.

Male and Female House Sparrow

Breeding pair of House Sparrows on my mom’s front porch.

House Sparrow nest in my hanging basket on the porch

House Sparrow nesting attempt with three live young in a hanging basket on my front porch.

Feeding Time

Hungry Kids

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology