Lesser Goldfinches are small finches with bright yellow undersides. Males have greenish-brown backs, black caps and wings with two white wing-bars, and a white patch on each wing. Their tails are black with white patches on either side, and their undertail coverts are yellow (contrasting with the white undertail coverts of American Goldfinches). Females lack the black cap and wing-bars of the males, are not as brightly colored, and lack the white on the tail; they do have white patches on each wing.

Finches eating

hungry babies

Backyard bird activity 03-28-2018

Eastern Bluebird nesting in our bird house, other frequent visitors to our backyard feeders… rainy, overcast weather today….

Baltimore Oriole male-Central Texas

Lucky shot! Caught a female Lesser Goldfinch coming in for a landing on the platform of the male Baltimore Oriole’s grape jelly. He seems to be watching her closely, guarding his treat.
This is the 2nd year in a row, same week of September that I’ve seen Baltimore Orioles in my backyard during their fall migration. Saw a female a couple of weeks ago. Same thing last year. Perhaps the females migrate earlier than the males?

Lesser Goldfinch nest

On our Audubon walk on March 29, 2015 we spotted this Lesser Goldfinch sitting in wait. I went back to the lake daily to track the progress and on April 4th the babies had hatched. By April 13 the nest was empty. In the same tree was a Hummingbird nest and a Western Bluebird nesting box that you could hear the babies when momma flew in.

first batch of baby lesser finches

these guys left the nest and are on their way out to the big bird world.

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