Blue Jays Nest Building

A pair of Blue Jays collecting nesting materials in a neighbor’s yard. (The female is shown in the photos. )

Blue Jay getting string for the nest

Immature Blue Jay

Feed Me!

A Adult Blue Jay Resting Before Feeding It’s Fledglings

Feather ID needed

Blue feather found at Kleb Woods. Think either Eastern Bluebird or Blue Jay but leading towards Bluebird due to color. I’m not an expert on bluebirds but it looks nothing like a Blue Jay feather.

Northern Mockingbird Nest Failure

We went to visit the nest after 4 days of not seeing it. I had that bad feeling that the eggs would have been eaten (as has happened with all my nests). It was past 8 pm and I walked up to the nest. The mother wasn’t on it and thought that was a bad sign. I stuck the Canon Powershot EPLH 180 (the smallest of our 3 cameras and easy to hold above a nest) and there were the remands of yolk and shells, there was a shell on the ground under the nest. Why do my nests always get eaten? We heard Blue Jays in the trees nearby so I suspect a Bue Jay.

Blue Jays Collecting Nesting Materials

Pretty much everyone is collecting nesting materials, Starlings, House Sparrows, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Mockingbirds.

2022 Bird Nests part 1

2022 Bird Nests part 1.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these IDs.

American Goldfinches and a Blue Jay

American Goldfinches and a Blue Jay

Feeder Birds

A few of our feeder birds

Female Blue Jay flying

Blue Jays

Three Blue Jays eating suet

Mr. and Mrs. Jay

Mr. and Mrs. Jay trying out the new feeders!

Infertile Blue Jay Egg

1 blue jay egg. Appears to be infertile as the baby blue jay already fledged. There used to be two eggs. There was an eggshell in the nest.

Blue Jays!

Blue Jays!!!

Better picture of the Blue Jay showing the eggs

A better picture of the Blue Jay showing the eggs. The eggs are very light blue with brown speckles. In the first picture, there is the baby and one egg and in the second picture there is the baby and if you look carefully you can see one egg and one egg hiding under the baby. The third picture shows the eggs. The 3rd picture is older.

Its NOT a Cowbird! Its a Blue Jay!

It’s NOT a cowbird! It’s a blue jay! We saw it today and it has blue feathers, a black beak, and white and black on its face. The two eggs didn’t hatch so they are probably infertile.

Blue Jay Fledgling

Older picture from 2019. Thought it would be good to share. The bird looks to be newly fledged. There are a few blue feathers starting to grow. It was under a big Oak tree

blue jay on a post.

Blue Jay fledgling

Blue Jay fledgling


Lots of fledglings today! 1 White-winged dove,1 Mourning Dove, at least 2 House Sparrows, 1 Mockingbird, 1 House Finch, and 1 Blue Jay! The baby Finch couldn’t figure out how to eat the birdseed. He picked up a huge sunflower seed and then put it back. He couldn’t even eat the milo and millet. The baby Blue Jay grabbed on our window and ate a spider.

Blue Jay Nest

Blue Jay nest with 3 young. Sorry for the bad pictures. The was about 10 feet up.

Mr. and Mrs. Blue Jay

Mr. and Mrs. Blue Jay visit our feeder. Mr. Blue Jay gave Mrs. Blue Jay a seed. The female was seen in a tree with her fledgling yesterday.

Baby Blue Jays

4 eggs were discovered in a nest in my Magnolia tree. It wasn’t too high up so I was able to get a small ladder and take pictures. First time ever to have a nest where I could see it. So excited to have babies. Two for sure, possibly 4 total.

Serial Killer Blue Jay on the loose!

We have a serial killer blue jay in our midst.
I witnessed him several times throughout the day flying about with unknown hatchlings in his beak. Then I had the unfortunate chance to witness him stealing the first of the newly hatched Northern Cardinals from the nest I’ve been monitoring and posting photos of here. And despite the best efforts of mom and dad, the Blue Jay had emptied the Cardinal nest of all three hatchlings by days end. Dad Cardinal still seems awfully disturbed by this, even the next day, as he keeps hanging out by the nest giving off feeding time chirps. Sad day all around.

Female Blue Jay Sits Nest

Female Female Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) regards your photographer with a wary eye as she incubates four eggs in a backyard nest.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology