Baby Bluebirds Sleeping

Baby bluebirds sleeping but waiting for the next food delivery.

Bluebird babies fledging

Video of 3 of our 5 Bluebird babies fledging. Finally got to witness the event & got it on video. So excited to have all 5 eggs hatch & go to fledge. We have hosted many BB families in that (& other boxes) but that box is a particular favorite.

We had a House Sparrow pair show up & compete for that box. My husband dispatched the male. Female showed back up a week later with another male. He had to dispatch that male as well. The Bluebirds then were able to complete their nest & family

Bluebirds ready to fledge

These are the first bluebirds born in a nest box that was placed 5 years previous.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology