American Robin Nest Update

The Grackles Have Roosted

There are many grackles in our area, but we hadn’t found any of their nests until today. High up in a juniper tree, this nest is very well-built and hidden from sight and contains 4 eggs.

Eastern Phoebe Nest Under Deck

I discovered this Eastern Phoebe nest under our deck in an area where it won’t get rained on. The phoebes have been active on the nest since they started to lay the eggs, but only in recent days once they had laid a full clutch have they been even more protective of the nest.

Eastern Blue’s

One a day for the last five. We’ll see if the nest gets any more crowded.

Robin Nest 4 11 2017

Our first confirmed clutch of 2017…This nest site is directly adjacent to our deck, and has been used for several years as a nest site…last year, three batches of baby Robins came from this site.

House wren eggs

An egg a day for the past seven days in our bird house!

Hatched-3 Northern Cardinals

3 little Northern Cardinals, freshly hatched in a thorny bush right outside our front door, just in time for Mother’s Day.

American Robin River Trail Nest

American Robin nest in the crook of a tree along a bike trail next to a river. Full clutch of 3 eggs.

Carolina Chickadee Eggs

Clutch of 6 Carolina Chickadee eggs laid in my nest box. First egg date approx. 5/2/15.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology