Northern Mockingbird Nest

Killdeer Nest

Female cardinal becoming a mother

These photos show case 3 things, 1 the mother sitting on her eggs protected them and keep them warm. 2, her rolling over the egg so the yoke stays all good and the bird stays safe and is allowed to hatch. And 3 all 4 of the cardinal eggs in the nest.

Great Crested Flycatcher photos

a great crested flycatcher was in my backyard, so I took some photos.

Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Nest Update 02: Female Eastern Bluebird laid an egg!!!

Eastern Bluebird Eggs

The bluebird pair has 5 eggs. The last egg was laid 4/26/24.

Sad Fate of Killdeer Nest #2

Visited the nest the day before yesterday and it only had 2 eggs, one of which had a crack in it. Came back yesterday and the eggs weren’t flipped. Came back later in the same day and the eggs were destroyed.

Killdeer Nest #3

Only 2 eggs left at Killdeer Nest #2

No idea what happened. This nest had 4 eggs a week ago and now only has one. The egg on the left appears like it might be hatching, but strange that an egg would hatch in the evening.

Killdeer Nest with Four Eggs

Nesting Carolina Chickadees

This super fluffy Carolina Chickadee is sitting on her six eggs!

2023 Nesting Season Overview Part Two

2023 Nesting Season Overview Part One

Still 3 eggs, I can’t wait for them to hatch

Northern Mockingbird nest still has 3 eggs

Still 3 eggs

3 new eggs!

Went to John Paul Landing today (the other nests were at Paul Rushing) and found a nest with 3 eggs and a nest with 3 babies!

Infertile eggs?

Today is day 14 and the eggs have not hatched and do not appear to have been turned. The nest is damaged. Any ideas?

Still waiting…

It’s been 13 days and these eggs have not hatched. Could they be infertile?


Hopefully, these eggs hatch tomorrow, the nest was a bit damaged from a storm.

Two Mockingbird Eggs

These eggs should hatch tomorrow or the day after!

Mockingbird Eggs

Only 4 or 5 more days until they hatch!!

Waiting for baby mockers

These little eggs are due to hatch July 4th or 5th so they’re be 4th of July Mockingbirds!

Happy Birthday Baby Mockingbirds!!

Two have the four eggs hatched!! Still waiting for the other two. The other nest’s eggs are due to hatch between July 4th and 5th.

Mockingbird Nest with 4 eggs

I wonder when these eggs will hatch. The female has been doing a great job defending the territory from other mockingbirds.

Northern Mockingbird Nest

The male is always singing in a Pine Tree next to the nest. Can’t wait for the eggs to hatch!

Mockingbird Nest with 4 eggs.

Mockingbird Nest with 2 eggs

Northern Mockingbird Eggs ~ still here!

Sorry for the bad pictures. Even though the nest is only 5 feet up it’s kind of sideways so it’s hard to know where the eggs are when I can’t see them! I have to use a camera above the nest.

Mockingbird nest with 4 eggs

Still 4 eggs!

Mockingbird Nest #4 of 2023!!

Hopefully, these two nests don’t get eaten!!

Mockingbird Nest

The nest still has two eggs so shes only going to have two. The nest is pretty big for only two eggs, but I guess the babies will need lots of room.

New Mockingbird Nest!

We saw this nest get built and today it had 2 eggs!! Hope the Blue Jays won’t get them. The female was fighting another female about 20 feet from the nest. After she chased off the intruder she flew to the nest. The male was singing.

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 3

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 2

Mockingbird Nest Part 1

The nest has 4 eggs and both the parents were around the nest

The Mockingbird Nest now has four eggs!

The Mockingbird Nest now has four eggs! Sorry for the poor quality, it was almost 8 pm, and we had to go late due to it being 180 real feel today.

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 3

Even more photos

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 2

More photos of the nest

Northern Mockingbird Nest Part 1

Found a new nest on the 9th of June. Today the 11th, the nest had 2 eggs! Excited to watch the nest! It had to make multiple parts due to me getting tons of photos. It’s really hot (in the 100s) so I’m curious if the mother will sit on the eggs, or would they get too hot?

Tree Swallow Eggs!

On the 30th of May I noticed that the female tree swallow wasn’t really leaving the nest box, so I thought that she probably laid at least one of her eggs. Just to give her some space, I decided to wait till today to check on them. In the photo, there are three visible eggs; but I believe that there may be one more underneath of some of the feathers.

Five eggs in the Bluebird nest!

This is our Bluebird’s second brood in this nest box this year. We had at least four nestlings successfully fledge last brood and I hope we have the same luck this time!

2nd Brood Attempt

With this year’s first brood now feeding themselves, I noticed the adults were active at the nest box. I have not checked until today, and found 5 eggs in the nest! 2nd attempt underway.
I do not know the date of the first egg, so I am estimating it to have been 5/23/2023.
This nest is built very tall, and the contents are a bit hard to photograph.

More photos of the mockingbird nest

Northern Mockingbird Nest

Mrs. Gunner has a well-built cozy nest. I can’t wait for the eggs to hatch!

Cozy Mockingbird Eggs

Second visit from the same day as my other post. Mrs. Gunner does a great job at incubating and flipping her eggs. I wonder when her eggs will hatch.

Mrs. Gunner’s Nest

Mrs. Gunner. isn’t very protective. She sits on a perch or sign when I check her eggs and flies back after I have left her nest. She seems to like being famous on eBird and NestWatch!

House Finch and Cowbird

House finches built a nest. Looks like a cowbird found it.

Another visit to the mockingbird nest

Mrs. Gunner does a great job at sitting on her eggs, but she isn’t protective like mockingbirds are supposed to be. She flies away if we are anywhere near the nest.


Very excited — and surprised — to find 6 Bluebird eggs in the nest box today! Now this is what you call a Bluebird Eggstravaganza! This is far beyond my Eggspectations for this wonderful Bluebird pair!

5 Eastern Bluebird eggs

4/4/23: 1 egg,
4/6/23: 3 eggs,
4/9/23: 5 eggs.

First Egg of 2023!

This pair of Eastern Bluebirds have been busy building their nest. Today I checked and found the first egg.

I (like to) believe this is the same pair that raised 3 chicks in this next box last year. Two adult bluebirds have been on the property and feeders throughout the fall and winter. Sometimes, a few others joined them – including some immatures.

Destoryed Killdeer Eggs

We went to see Mrs. Deer. We saw her flying and yelling in distress. She landed in a field and yelled some more. After about 5 minutes. She flew away, also yelling. We saw 2 destroyed eggs. There were 4 eggs so I’m not sure what happened to the other two. What do you think would do this?

Killdeer Deer Nest Failure!

We visited the Killdeer nest. We found destroyed eggs. The mother was in a nearby field yelling. Poor Mrs. Deer! What do you think has eaten the babies? Please see my post showing the destroyed eggs.

Carolina Chickadee with eggs! 🪺

This cute Carolina Chickadee has 6 eggs and a ~4” tall nest, which is huge for the size of the chickadee. Her mate comes occasionally and feeds Mama. These images were captured with a Blink Mini, mounted inside the nest box.

2 Killdeer nests

Today Mr. Deer was on the nest. (and he did everything wrong!) We went to the nest and he ran away! No yelling, no broken wing display, or anything. We came back and he was on the eggs, he got up and ran away then he ran towards me (isn’t he supposed to run away with a broken wing?) saying “dee dee dee deee”. I left and he went back to the eggs. Maybe Mrs. Deer should just sit on them. She doesn’t run away. We also found another nest with another Mrs. Deer on them. She did not get up so the number of eggs in unknown.

Killdeer Nest

Killdeer nest with 4 eggs

Killdeer nest with 3 eggs

Finally found the Killdeer nest!

2022 Bird Nests part 2

2022 Bird Nests part 2.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these IDs.

2022 Bird Nests part 1

2022 Bird Nests part 1.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these IDs.

The Seasonal Evolution of a Duck Box

I have had this Duck Box on the edge of the East Fork of the Eno River in my backyard for 7+/- years. This is the first year it served as a successful nest site for 2 species, Wood Ducks and Eastern Bluebirds. Red Shouldered Hawks on the other hand have always found the Duck Box a productive hunting perch.

Eastern-screech owl & a Eastern bluebird’s eggs,2020.

This is in 2020,I am posting this on:10/7/2022.I was new to Nestwatch in 2022.

(He or she)screech owl.

Happy Birthday Barney!!

Barney hatched today! Now we’re waiting for Tweet! Happy Birthday Barney!! He has a few downy feathers on his back. His eyes are closed.

Tweet and Barney

Tweet and Barney. Tweet is the lighter one and Barney is the darker one.

Tweet and Barney

Mockingbird nest with 2 eggs and used nest needs ID

Better picture of the Blue Jay showing the eggs

A better picture of the Blue Jay showing the eggs. The eggs are very light blue with brown speckles. In the first picture, there is the baby and one egg and in the second picture there is the baby and if you look carefully you can see one egg and one egg hiding under the baby. The third picture shows the eggs. The 3rd picture is older.

Its NOT a Cowbird! Its a Blue Jay!

It’s NOT a cowbird! It’s a blue jay! We saw it today and it has blue feathers, a black beak, and white and black on its face. The two eggs didn’t hatch so they are probably infertile.

Better picture of the Cowbird

A better picture of the Cowbird. What a sweet little cowbird. It’s taking good care of its not yet hatched Cardinal siblings.

Young Cowbird in nest

Baby Cowbird in a nest. Eggs need ID. White with brown speckles. The eggs are about an inch long. There are two eggs. The nest was made of mostly sticks and lots of white down feathers. Any ID?

Brown Thrasher eggs and Nest ID help!

Two nests I found in a shrub/tree in one of my relative’s yard. One is an active Brown Thrasher nest with three eggs. The other is right next to it about 6 feet high and it is made of sticks, a pink string, and some other random materials. I didn’t get a good look at the inside.

Northern Cardinal eggs and nest

I had photographed the female with a stick in her mouth on the 1st, and I found the nest but wasn’t sure if it was actually a nest. Then I went to double check on the 11th and sure enough it was! I’m so excited to get to watch them grow up!

Mockingbird Nest

we visited this nest and it was destroyed.

Unknown nest outcome

On June 9th we discovered a mockingbird nest with four eggs. We visited it again on June 14th. We visited a 3rd time on June 29th and were surprised to see the destroyed nest. Do you think that the eggs hatched and the babies fledged? We had a really bad storm with almost 60-mile winds.

Cardinal Nest

Mockingbird Nest

I first thought the nest was empty. I did as was suggested by other nest watchers and took a video of the nest. Was surprised to see four Mockingbird eggs. Was close to the dog park.

The Killdeer eggs have hatched!

The Killdeer eggs have hatched! Before we only saw the mother but today we saw both the mother and father. All four eggs hatched. The photos aren’t that good because they were running around. There was a black snake in the water so I hope it doesn’t get the babies! They are still a bit wobbly.

Bird at the park.

Birds at the park. We saw Cattle Egrets, a Great Blue Heron, Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks, domestic Muscovies, a Great Egret, a Common Night Hawk, Purple Martins, Black and Turkey Vultures, a Cara Cara, and more!

Mrs. Deer’s Nest

Mrs. Deer is sitting on her eggs. She’s becoming more friendly and doesn’t do her broken wing display anymore.

Guarding my nest

A better view of the eggs. Four Killdeer eggs are being guarded by Mrs. Deer. 🥚

Don’t mess with my eggs!

Mrs. Deer guarding her nest of four eggs.

Cozy Killdeer Eggs

Four Killdeer eggs in a nest.

Please leave my nest.

Mother Killdeer doing broken wing display.

Killdeer Mother

Mrs. Deer, the mother Killdeer watching her nest.

6 Carolina Chickadee eggs!

Mrs. Carolina Chickadee laid 6 eggs in our nest box! April 23, 2022

Chickadee Nest

First Birdhouse First Clutch

My first birdhouse build project. I wanted to build a real working birdhouse versus decorative. I researched the bird species with the need, and found Cornell Labs Nestwatch. This is now the first of 2 bluebird houses on either ends of our property.

Sacajawea Audubon Bluebird Trail

These photos are from our bluebird trail of 100+ nest boxes, NW of Bozeman, MT. This trail was started in the early 1970s and is monitored by chapter volunteers. NOTE: We have Federal and State permits to band and handle cavity nesting species.

Watch Eastern Bluebird Egg Hatching!

This is the second brood this year for a young breeding pair of Eastern Bluebirds.

Purple Martin nests

Ring of eggs

I found this nest box of a house wren that has a ring around each egg instead of just brown speckles. I have found this once before in 2021,on my daughter’s farm.

Getting Crowded

In a box at my daughter’s farm, I opened this box to count 8 eggs of tree swallow which is above the normal.

Six Bluebird Eggs!

This is the second brood this year for this young nesting pair. This sixth egg came as a complete surprise, as the parents were born in this same nest box only last year, so they are relatively young. Their last brood produced five fledglings, so I have my fingers crossed that we will have six more to add to my backyard family!

Black-capped Chickadee eggs at last!

This year, no troubles with House Wrens taking the nest box. Last year, the wrens evicted the chickadees and built their nest atop the completed chickadee nest. The House Wrens did raise two successful broods, though.

Spring nest 2021

A pair of House finches built this nest on the wreath of my front door. I guess I will be directing guest to the side door of the house. The mail is always close by when the female is sitting on the eggs.

Young bluebirds

American Robin Nest Update

Carolina Wren Babies

Our “Workshop Nest” built by the Carolina Wren contained two beautiful little eggs, which we were pleased to observe as successfully hatched today (Easter Sunday)!


As I was about to go on a hike with my parents and younger sister, I saw a grayish bird fly into a bent tree. I took a few more steps and looked harder, trying to figure out what kind of bird it was. Then I realized it was sitting on a nest! I slowly approached the nest and the bird flew away. I peered inside and, to my delight and surprise, found a beautiful baby blue egg!!! This is the first active nest I’ve found this year! Time to start NestWatch patrolling!!!

Eastern Bluebird – Female and Eggs!

The first image is of the female in our bluebird nesting pair, seemingly watching us as we observe from afar. The second image, taken on March 22, 2021, captures the actual bluebird nest with five eggs.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology