Checkling out the nestbox

A pair of starlings was looking at the nestbox. Hoping someone claims it soon!

Something strange for the nest

I have been watching Mr. and Mrs. Starling collect stuff dor their nest, sometimes they get something really weird!

Mr. and Mrs. Starling collecting nesting materials

Starlings checking out the nestbox

Today a male starling was looking at the nestbox, he inspected the whole thing and looked inside. He called over the female who didn’t look pleased with it. (She didn’t even look inside) There is a wasp inside. We tried blasting it out with the hose yesterday, it left, and now it’s back. I heard that vaseline can help. Is this true and how do I prevent the wasp from coming back?

New resident

Homemade house of a large fishing bobber cooler mounted on a 16ft pole. Put it up 4-22-18 and occupied on 4-23-18. Timing is everything!

“Invasion of the Starling Fledglings”

This spring we had about 12 Starling fledglings (pretty sure from more than one brood). They made a lot of noise and the parents were constantly busy.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology