Juvenile Downy Woodpecker at the nestbox

When we put up this nestbox last winter, we thought that either a House Sparrow or starling would take it. (which would be nice, first come first serve) Since we put it up several birds have considered it, chickadees, starlings, and now a woodpecker. He would bang on the birdhouse, widen the opening, then go and collect wood chips from the fence, then he would return and put them in the birdhouse. I read that some birds have their oldest brood to help make the nest and take care of the new babies. This is the second time that a Downy has been in our backyard and now we might have a nest! We aren’t going to go near the box until they (hopefully) have a nest since birds can abandon their unfinished nests but are very unlikely to abandon eggs or young.

3 baby mockingbirds

Juvenile Barn Swallows

Baby Purple Martin Close Up!

I was about 6 inches from this little guy before he flew off to join his dad.

Purple Martins Feeding Juveniles

Purple Martins feeding juveniles at John Paul’s Landing

Baby Cowbird

This baby cowbird is a daily visitor to my feeders.

Muscovy Family

These cute duckies were sitting near a stop sign.

Baby Mourning Dove with deformed beak!

Today we saw this baby Mourning Dove with a badly deformed beak. It tried to eat but the milo and corn were too big. Will it be able to live like this? The other doves were chasing it and being mean.

Pileated Woodpecker at the Nest

Mid June, 2021 These chicks were about a week or so away from fledging. Both parents fed the chicks.

Juvenile helper Eastern Bluebird Poop Sac Removal

I have observed a juvenile bluebird assisting with family duty during this breeding cycle. In the photo depicted, I captured the juvenile removing a poop sac. I had additional photographs of the juvenile feeding the babies.

Yellow-crowned night-heron adult and chick in nest

Yellow-crowned Night-heron nest in the swamp with adults attending chicks. There are at least two, most likely more, chicks in the nest and the adults are taking good care of them and feeding them a lot of crayfish.

Ruby-Throat Stretches/Preens

A young Ruby-Throat hummingbird relaxes, preening itself and stretching while perched on a branch, taken in July 2018.

Out On a Limb

Out On a Limb. This baby Eastern Bluebird was hatched April 23, 2019 and fledged May 12, 2019. Here he is on a tree in my backyard, within 25 feet of where he was born and raised. He’s as cute as a button! Little does he know, there are 5 eggs in the nest box, so he will soon be meeting his new siblings.

Male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak Feeds Juvenile.

I saw this male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak eating some suet at the suet feeder and I was surprised to see a juvenile come along, as well!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology