Chipping Sparrows, Northern Cardinal, Cooper’s Hawk, The Peep, House Sparrow and Mourning Doves.

There are now about 30 Chipping Sparrows!


Mom is bringing home a family-sized dinner for her brood tonight. Bluebirds LOVE mealworms, but I’m careful not to offer too many. They aren’t as nutritious as a natural diet and they can be hard for young nestlings to digest.

Greed Is Good

I put out about a dozen newly molted mealworms for the bluebirds every day. Moderation is key. The nestlings should have a variety of different prey items for best nutrition. On cold rainy days like today, the overworked parents really appreciate the family-sized meal. The soft skinned newly molted larvae are a little easier for the nestlings to swallow than the harder skinned ones.

Rosie and Blue feasting on mealworms.s

Mom & Dad (Rosie and Blue) Eastern bluebirds feeding on mealworms when taking a break from the kids.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology