My Mom Took This Picture As A Souvenir From Mother’s Day 2019

This is in Indian Lake Park State Park, which is in Irwin, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mom’s never seen a Canadian Goose nest before the date this was taken and while coming across this nest for Nestwatch was the second time I have ever come across a Canadian Goose nest, this was her first time seeing a Canadian Goose nest. However, this nest was our first time seeing Canadian Goose eggs, and I bet you guys haven’t seen them either. (Brave woman to get that close). BTW, as we were leaving, the goose and gander came back and the goose mainly hissed at us.
PS It’s right next to a manmade fishing lake, three trees, and a busy footpath, and right across a playground that was used by humans in the majority of my visits thus far!

Inca dove babies & mom

dove nest

inca doves

Kill deer nest

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology