Bluebird Nest Building!

A female Eastern bluebird prepares to enter the nest box with nesting material while the male guards the box from any potential predators.

On the Wing!

A female Eastern bluebird flies towards the nest box with nesting material primarily composed of dry grasses in her beak.

Female Scarlet Tanager With Nesting Material.

I just saw this Mrs. Tanager with nest material and I have been trying to follow them to the nest, but I keep losing them. ( The Mr. Tanager was with her. )

Eastern Kingbird

Gathering sheep wool for nesting material off our barbed wire fence.

Female Bluebird with Nesting Material

Let the nesting begin!

A male Eastern bluebird is seen caring nesting materials to begin the fabulous, and hopefully busy, nesting season. His lovely melody to attract the lovely female eastern bluebird is heard early in the morning.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology