*RARE* yellow House Finch

*RARE* yellow House Finch on a tomato cage in the backyard!!

Northern Mockingbird

Nest Watch day 1-Northern Mockingbird actively building a nest.

Carolina Chickadees checking out my new nestbox

A male chickadee flew over to the fence near my nestbox, he then when inside, came out, and called to his female. She flew over and went inside. We just put the nestbox up 2 days ago.

Rufous Hummingbird is back!

Rufous is back!
See more pictures of Rufous on eBird:

Mockingbird Nest Fate! 😭

Tweet and Barney nest fate… SO sad! 😭😭

Immature Great-Tailed Grackles!

Immature Great-Tailed Grackles and European Starlings came to eat birdseed

I maxed out at five photos and have one photo left so please see the other photo!

House Finches

House Finches!!

Baby Dove has hair!

Baby Mourning Dove has hair!

Baby Great-Tailed Grackle

Mother Grackle feeding baby grackle, Sorry for the bad photo! Here is another time we saw Great-tailed Grackles and took pictures ~ https://ebird.org/checklist/S113698000


Lots of dove pictures I found.

Northern Mockingbird nest

Northern Mockingbird nest at Paul D Rushing Chain of Lakes. Update: Tweet and Barney haven’t hatched yet. I hope they hatch soon! This nest is near the side of the road in between two ditches.

Canada Geese

Goosey and Geesey the Canada Geese enjoying the lake. Goosey is the gander and Geesey is the goose.

Blue Jays!

Blue Jays!!!

Mrs. Deer’s Nest

Mrs. Deer is sitting on her eggs. She’s becoming more friendly and doesn’t do her broken wing display anymore.

House Sparrow Fledgling

This female House was opening her yellow beak very wide and licking the top of her mouth. She was also blinking a lot. She looked newly fledged and smaller than the other House Sparrow fledglings that visit our feeder. She was on our fence and wasn’t eating seeds.

Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks, Roseate Spoonbills and a Great Blue Heron

The Black-Bellied Whistling Duck was also seen with a female Black-Bellied Whistling Duck watching Spoonbills the day after.

Mrs. Dove

Mrs. Dove

House Sparrow Fledglings

house sparrows

Out for a waddle.

A male and female Mottled duck wadding off. 🦆

Nap Time!

Mrs. Dove taking a nap in the birdseed.

Mr. House Finch

Mr. Finch looking for seeds. He was with a male and female House Finch.

Just coming for a visit…or two or three.

He comes multiple times a day and chases the House Sparrows away from the feeder. Was also seen gathering sticks for a nest.

Guarding my nest

A better view of the eggs. Four Killdeer eggs are being guarded by Mrs. Deer. 🥚

Killdeer chick splashing in water.

Baby Killdeer running through water.

Killdeer Mother

Mrs. Deer, the mother Killdeer watching her nest.

Bluebird Nest Building!

A female Eastern bluebird prepares to enter the nest box with nesting material while the male guards the box from any potential predators.

On the Wing!

A female Eastern bluebird flies towards the nest box with nesting material primarily composed of dry grasses in her beak.

Nest of Little Tern

The image was taken this morning from a charland of Padma River near Rajshahi, Bangladesh. The size of the charland about 1 sq.km. The whole charland has a lot of nests of six birds as Little Tern, Small Pratincole, Little-ringed Plover, River Lapwing, Indian Thick Knee and Blue-tailed Bee-eater. There is also a lot of chicks of different size of Little Tern, Small Pratincole and Little-ringed Plover and this is the Little Tern nest with newly hatched chick.

Gathering nest materials

A pair of Oriental Honey Buzzard breeds in Rajshahi University campus since 2014. This yeat it build nest on a mango tree at about 35 feet high. I have recorded one chick in that nest.

Every year a lot of Little Ringed Plover breed in Padma dune, near Rajshahi, Bangladesh. This is one of its chick

Eastern Bluebird Nest with babies

Feeding Time

Daddy finch is tending to the baby finches, 5 total. Mommy bird is taking a break.

Day 10: City slicker mourning dove

Barn Swallow at the park

House wrens


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology