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Barn Owl Cam

This Barn Owl Box has been active for five years. Presently three chicks are growing fast. Watch them grow and learn how to be Mother Nature’s rodent control. Barn Owl’s a value-added community member. Please help protect them but eliminating all rodenticides. Thank you.

Owl chicks 15 days old

Owl Chicks

Barred Owl in a Birch tree nesting

Female Barred Owl using an old Birch tree as her nest. She raised 3 Barred Owlets.

Eastern Screech Owl Nest with 2 owlets being fed

I am very fortunate to have a pair of eastern screech owls nesting in my backyard. Using my shed as a blind I set up at night at 830pm to take some videos of mom coming in to feed the owlets.

Enjoy seeing the 2 owlets fed worms and grubs.

Eastern Screech Owl Nest with 2 owlets

I had the amazing view of watching 2 eastern screech owlets from my backyard. I had watched the parents feeding the babies and next thing I knew they had fledged to the big tree in my yard.

What a thrill.
This photo is early the second morning where both owls were on the same branch.

Owl in a Box

In addition to birds, I put up a nest box for squirrels last year and I thought one was looking out at me today so I took its picture. When I looked closer, I found I was looking at an owl.

Burrowing Owl

This is a Burrowing Owl burrow that I found in Brian Piccolo Park in Florida. This is a multi-use public park, and the owls are used to people coming and going and jogging right past their burrows.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology