Tree Swallow Nest Livestream

The pair is currently sitting on 5 eggs. Clutch completion date was May 8th. Stream uses a raspberry pi and wide angle NOIR camera.

House Wren takes Tree Swallow nest

After a tree swallow had built a nest, a house wren laid her eggs in the nest.

Tree swallows hatching

One tree swallow already hatched and one has its shell cracking.

Different occurrences in nature

On my monitoring trips, I have found things don’t always go as planned. I have found birds will assume another bird’s nesting spot from building over the existing nest to just lay the eggs in an existing nest of another bird.

Tree Swallow Chicks

5 Tree Swallow Chicks fully fledged.
At 9,000 ft elevation in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming.
Wyoming High Country Lodge.

Tree Swallows

Tree Swallow and Eastern Bluebird

Tree swallow

Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow ready to fledge!

Tree swallow and yarn

Our male Tree swallow attempts to get yarn into the nest box under our garage eve whithout much luck. But they got it eventually!

An unlikely home

Found Tree Swallows nesting inside the chase of the cannons at Manassas Battlefield Park

Tree Swallow Nest box #99

Here is a photo of Tom Bearrs, president of the Delta Naturalists, just after the installation of the 99th tree swallow box. 50 of which are installed on Kings Links by the Sea Golf Course.

Tree Swallow Nestlings

Tree Swallow Nestlings in plastic gourd.

Tree Swallow Eggs

Tree Swallow nest with eggs in plastic gourd.

Tree Swallows’ Success

These Tree Swallows have successfully nested in boxes intended for Eastern Bluebirds. There is another pair in the same general area, which nested and laid eggs earlier than this pair, yet their eggs have yet to hatch.

Backyard bluebird boxes in use.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology