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Wee Wonder

I was wandering around my yard, fall clean up. I looked to my left (merely by accident) in the direction of a mini junk yard my husband has accumulated over the years, and I saw this wee bird!! Obviously an owl, but I had no idea which one because this was a first for me! I only had my iPhone with me, and not wanting to disturb, I took a terrible zoom picture. I called my beau to bring out the good camera, and though they are okay, my girlfriends camera did a better job. Though I was cautious and quiet, it still decided to leave its original “junk pile” to fly into our row of Spruce trees, and she followed to get this shot, so in reality it is her submission on my membership!!
I will however also post the iPhone shot, if I can figure out how to stop it from rotating, so that you can see where I initially found it!

Magnolia Warbler in Ohio

Sibling Togetherness

These Bluebirds are from last year’s, (2014), 2nd brood – the first photo shows them at one day old. All the nestlings went on to fledge successfully. The parents fledged 2 broods, 9 offspring in all, from this nest-box in 2014. Despite abnormally severe weather the Bluebirds wintered here and went on to fledge 3 broods from this box in 2015. Congratulations to all our feathered friends!

Carolina Wren nesting late August 2015 in Basil Plant pot on back deck of house

Carolina Wren nesting in August 2015

Tree Swallow taking a feather

Tree Swallows will take a feather dropped for them during nest building season. How about, Yes they will even take them from your hand?” Cool 🙂

Third round of bluebirds – 2015

Third brood of the season.

Barn Swallow at the park

House wrens


Great Blue Heron on dock

This Great Blue Heron is one of a group of five who have taken up residence on the lake. We’ve had two Herons at our location the past few years, but this year it has been amazing to see five of them! It’s hard to get close to these guys–their hearing and sight are amazing, and they’ll leave at the slightest sound.

6/17/15 Canada Geese with family of 8

6/17/15 Canada Geese with family of 8

6/17/15 – Canada Geese & family of eight

Adult Geese with family of eight

Female Mt Bluebird

Female Mountain Bluebird located on my Bluebird Trail, Lake Dillon Reservoir, Dillon, Colorado

Dove Invation

This Dove has invaded my balcony, nesting in my flower pot. I am surprise that she picked such a spot because there is no protection from the rain and I am always in my balcony taking care of my plants or just relaxing. This is her second nesting, the first was two moths ago and it was also a pair. They come around sometimes walking on the bench where they first took flight into a tree near by. This time the Dovelings hatched 3 days apart but they both are doing well. I guess I am stuck with her and that’s fine with me.

Smiling Baby Bluebird

My weekly check of the nestboxes in the Bluebird trail at the Bob Evans Farms headquarters in New Albany, Ohio. This nest of Bluebirds has 4 beautiful, healthy hatchlings. Mom was perched in a nearby tree with a huge insect in her beak, waiting for me to leave so she could feed her babies.

“Father hear my cry”

This guy perched and it was very hot outside and he looked so sad and tired. Poor guy!

nest in planter

nest in planter on front porch

Barn Swallow Triplets

This nest was directly under a porch roof with great cover for the babies.

Barn Swallows

Barn swallows in my horse barn. Have had barns in 3 different cities in my lifetime. This is a first for me to have these wonderful creatures in a barn. Talk to them everyday. Will certainly miss them as they are beginning to practice “touch and goes” in the last couple of days.

Male Northern Cardinal Feeds three 4-day old chicks

The nest is located in a small shrub directly outside my living room window. I was lucky in that the sun reflecting off my window helped illuminate this shot which I shot through the window. The male and female parents however can see me in the window and get agitated if I get too close when taking photos so I have to stay back and zoom in from farther away.

American Robin babies nesting under balcony

Mute Swan Family

This photo was taken on Mother’s Day in Cape May, NJ

Herring Gull Twins

Suburban Mallard

Perhaps due to the very rainy season creating a “swampy” backyard, our yard was deemed a suitable nesting site. It was a success.

Lunch for two

Bull Brain Cavity Nest

Black-capped Chickadee pair nesting in brain cavity of bull skull hanging on back of house as a decoration. Overhang and proximity to house creates perfect viewing and shelter from elements and predators.

Black Rat Snake in House Wren Nest

Noticed this big guy in a House Wren nest, we got him out and relocated him. Unfortunately, none of the former tenants survived. We can only hope the parents weren’t in the box when the snake got there.

Robin Nest on the Ground

I found this American Robin nesting on the ground at the base of a ponderosa pine sapling. Robins are known to nest on the ground in the plains and in Alaska. However, in my study area there are many ponderosa pine trees for robins to nest in. Why this bird chose to nest on the ground is a mystery. The nest was ultimately successful.

Gray Flycatcher nestlings

11-12 day old Gray Flycatcher nestlings hunkering down in their nest against the trunk of a ponderosa pine tree.

American Robin Nest Watch in PA

The photos were taken during an observation of the nest, approximately 4-5 days after hatching ,the second photo 9-10 days after hatching, and the third of the father robin preparing to deliver a meal. Two chicks are visible but one is hidden by the foliage. This nest is very deep and at first I could only see their beaks on the rim of the nest.

Flicker Baby

Parents spent days encouraging their three baby flickers to leave the nest. This guy just bleated at their calls!

Cardinal babies

What’s for dinner?

During the winter, a Cooper’s Hawk always comes to my backyard to hang out in the Crabapple tree and scare my birds away. Sometimes, it gets dinner. This particular time, I was able to sneak up on it and get some good although graphic photos of him tearing apart a Dark Eyed Junco. When it was done, it flew onto the fence and turned it’s head completely around!

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds

I took a photo of a Ruby Throated Hummingbird nest where the mom just laid eggs. I have been watching, because I feed her and she has been drinking so much! Finally, the other day, the babies hatched. I think it might be the same hummingbird from 3 years ago, because the other nest wasn’t that far away from the current one.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird Nest

Ruby Throated Hummingbird nest outside our bedroom window.

Feeding Time in the Marsh

While checking on an Osprey nest, I noticed a busy Red-winged Blackbird. The little one was begging for food. Then I thought was the pursuit of food the encouragement for short flights around the marsh. I wanted to submit this to your FEEDING TIME category.

Cowbird Closeup

Got a nice close-up of this guy in my back yard! I know Cowbirds get bad reps, but I love their colors against the brown of their heads!. they are beautiful. ENJOY!

Herby the Hawk

Young Osprey with parents

This is a human-built Osprey nest near Dunrobin, Ontario. At least one nesting pair of adults appears here most years. Here are the parents with single offspring earlier this month.

Pileated Woodpecker young

This nest became fairly well known as it was in a popular conservation area. I limited myself to short visits, and was fortunate enough to get one clear shot of the young.

Feeding time

Northern Cardinal nest

Hungry Chickadees!

Nestling Chickadees.


5 barnswallows nesting on our front porch

Happy Family

This happy family of Least Terns is nesting on the beach in NJ this summer.

Red Shouldered Hawk Babies

This nest was viewed on a daily basis as it was in my friend’s backyard. I photographed the babies weekly beginning at about two weeks of age and we were able to watch them grow, branch, and finally fledge.

Petunia’s babes resting in sunshine

Petunias babies all grown up!

The last photos of Petunia and her babes.

Eggs and new born Juncos

Three Junco eggs found in backyard deck hanging basket.
Three hungry newborn Juncos thinking I was going to feed them.

Baby Mallards With Mama

Baby Mallards get their first swimming lesson from mama.

Three Baby Barn Swallows

Three baby Barn Swallows waiting for mama to bring their lunch.

Carolina Wrens

Flower pot on our deck used by Carolina Wrens for the past 8 years to successfully fledge at least 40 nestlings.

Plump Baby Cardinal

A plump baby Cardinal contemplating it’s first attempt at flight.

Lovely paper strewn nest

Outside our family room window..Many friends and admirers came to see. Two babies born, lived happily and fledged.



Avocet Mother Teaching Fledglings to Feed

My 11 year old son, Arrow, aspires to be an ornithologist; I’m a park ranger at nearby Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve (Southern Colorado). We love birding together. This summer we’ve had the privilege of watching a family of avocets successfully nest in a wetland on our property. From the time the light green speckled eggs were laid on the open shore, the parents have loudly and aggressively defended their young. We quietly keep our distance behind some shrubs to capture scenes of their family life, including this image of the fledglings learning to feed as they follow their mother. The father was just outside this image, chasing away a killdeer from his family.

Mourning dove

A pleasant surprise visitor

Robin Nest in a Crepe Myrtle

Walked to the lower deck to do a chore and heard a Robin chirping loudly at me from a nearby hickory tree. I noticed the nest beside me in the Crepe Myrtle, peaked in and saw the 3 eggs. I took a pic and finished my work quickly and left the area. I saw the Robin fly back to the nest and she has been sitting on the eggs most of the time since.

Petunia’s babies all grown so quickly!

Continuing my nest watch since the beginning of June, Petunia has 2 full grown chicks and they are growing so fast. They have already left the nest but remain around the house. They are not camera shy and sit calmly when I am near. Such a great experience. I will post another pic of them foraging in the front yard.

Leaving Home

One of three eggs out of four hatched, and this shot was taken on day thirteen.

“Mi Casa Es Su Casa”

Small Clutch of Bluebird Eggs


Hummingbird Nest

Well camouflaged & engineered a marvel of nature the hummingbird nest,built up of lichen & lined with spider web.I was walking in my yard & a flash caught my eye from a low hanging branch as a little bird flew off, I noticed a odd “bump” on top of the branch got my ladder & this is what I saw,the eggs were about the size of jelly beans,I have a feeder on my porch & the birds hover right in my face I could touch them,Very cool !

The cutest babies in Colorado

Baby birds have been abundant in Adams County Colorado, including Burrowing Owlets and Yellow Warbler fledglings. The Yellow Warbler baby was photographed at Barr Lake State Park, and the Burrowing Owls were photographed in Prairie Dog towns in Adams County.

Hatching of Eastern Phoebes

First time I have had the pleasure of watching birds from eggs to fledging.

Broad Winged Hawk Babies

I have been following this nest for 2 months now. It is far enough away through the trees that I need to get to just the right place with my spotting scope to see the babies.

Tree Swallow Nestling

A Tree Swallow couple raised their young in one of our Bluebird nest boxes. The nestlings fledged a few days after these photos were taken.

Patio friend

I had some Eastern Screech Owls nest in my patio, three to be exact. Parents Dewey and Darcy, both red morphs always stayed close by, but in this video, Dora, the eldest flew the nest during the day. She decided to rest for the evening of flying attempts by napping on my patio chair. We just chatted it up and enjoyed the lovely spring weather.

I had no idea House Wren eggs were so pretty

these beautiful House Wren eggs are in one of my nest boxes, only about 20 ft. away from a House Sparrow nest! I have sterilized the House Sparrow eggs but am a little concerned about the House Sparrows taking over the Wren nest. Wrens seem to have no fear!

Afternoon relaxin

Decided to visit with my owlet

What’s for lunch?

Baby robin

Second round of Bluebirds-2015

Second brood of the season.

Robins leaving the nest on 13th day

All 4 fledglings left the nest on 13th day.


basket full of house finches 2

I fledged!!!

Arizona Raptors

It is really hot here. Mom creates a shadow for the nestlings in the heat of the day.

Let it grow and they will come

The tiny ones

Petunia the mourning dove

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a pic of a dove nesting in our pot of petunias. I call this Petunias nest.
She lets me go near and take pics. I have one of the eggs and another later of the chicks. I saw them for the first time today!

Hawks Nest with Babies

These photos were taken with an iPhone held up to the lens of a telescope. This nest is across the street from my home and I’ve been watching it for about 3 months now.

First Trip

Picture take from our canoe, at a cottage in Quebec. This was the loon’s first foray onto the lake. Previously had paddled in a sheltered, reed hidden nest.

Note this is submitted in the category of CUTEST BABY in your nestwatch contest

Little Killdeer

Killdeer love my parents’ neighborhood in Inwood, WV, so there are always little babies running around in the Spring!

American Redstart

While walking the trails at Eidolon, came across this American Redstart building her nest. It was so awesome to watch her working on the nest!

Fledgling Chipping Sparrow

One of the four baby Chipping Sparrows that had just fledged

Chipping Sparrow Family

Was lucky to have this beautiful Chipping Sparrow family in my front yard this year!

Leucistic Chipping Sparrow on Her Nest

I had no idea this Chipping Sparrow had built a nest right in front of my house until I got home one day and was walking from my car to the front door when she flew out of a very small, skinny shrub right at the corner of my house! I was thrilled the first time I saw this beautiful bird come to my feeders and couldn’t believe it when she decided to nest right in my own front yard!

Feeding time!

A leucisitc Chipping Sparrow and her mate built a nest right at the front corner of my house next to the walk and driveway in a skinny 3-foot tall shrub. We tried to avoid disturbing the nest as much as possible by using the back door, but the car traffic in the driveway couldn’t be avoided. The parents didn’t seem to mind that we were around – they went about their business and always kept a watchful eye from the roof of our house or a nearby tree. Every few days when I would get home from work, I’d peek at the nest through my camera lens while sitting in my car in the driveway. After I snapped this photo, I realized it must have been feeding time because the baby was swallowing a bug. I went inside and let the parents get back to business. The parents are still frequenting my backyard feeders even though the babies have now fledged.

nice color

just enjoy

Heading for more food

Caught dad going for more food.

Wren chick nearly ready to fledge

After finding six eggs and determining that they were house wrens, we look forward to at least one successful fledgling soon.

House Finch Nest

Fledgling Eastern Bluebird

basket full of house finches

Robin eggs

Momma robin is usually always present on the nest. Daddy robin was nearby and very vocal.


This is the beautiful male I named loui. He finally let me get a GREAT picture of him. enjoy everyone

House Finch in my Potted Plant

House Finch have found a home in my new hanging plant i just bout a few weeks ago. It’s nice having them out there as well as exciting!

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