Canadian Geese leading a walk for the fight against cancer

My daughter is in the front left (pink and purple), a 29 year survivor of Leukemia. While doing a Relay for Life 1st lap survivor walk, these geese decided to lead the walk against caner. We all need to do our part.

Backyard Robins

These Robins nested in a Lilac bush outside our kitchen window. This is the second year they have nested in the same spot in this bush

Bluebird nest

The 5 pictures show the male guarding nest, female entering nest-box,the 5 eggs, 4 of 5 eggs hatched and then all 5 hatched.
Do not know if they fledged…sad news – my husband found a dead male in box after lots of commotion at the nest box…cleaned out the box…no more activity; used by tree frogs.

Great Crested Flycatcher Nest Day 9

Bluebird Nest April 25 Day 14

Northern Flicker in nesting box

After we evicted this flicker from our attic, he kept trying to get back in. At night, he clung to the side of our house, under the eaves. So I built him a home of his own. I used some 12″ redwood boards, salvaged from a shed next door that was built in the early 1900’s. We hung it in a tree a few feet away from our bedroom window. His entrance faces southeast. He moved in about 10 days after we installed it.

Loggerhead Shrikes

Loggerhead Shrike Chicks waiting to be feed!

Unknown Nest

Trying to determine what species made this nest. Photos taken one week ago.

Chickadee Nests

Golden Hour Great Blue Herons Dinner Time!

Loggerhead Shrikes Were Hungry

Nest Before and After

Loggerhead Shrike

I watched this Loggerhead Shrike feeding its hatchlings. The Hatchlings are blind and featherless when they hatch!

Baltimore Oriole male-Central Texas

Lucky shot! Caught a female Lesser Goldfinch coming in for a landing on the platform of the male Baltimore Oriole’s grape jelly. He seems to be watching her closely, guarding his treat.
This is the 2nd year in a row, same week of September that I’ve seen Baltimore Orioles in my backyard during their fall migration. Saw a female a couple of weeks ago. Same thing last year. Perhaps the females migrate earlier than the males?

Green Heron Chicks!

Green Herons In thier nest!

Watching these Green Herons and their hatchlings in the nest was amazing!

Owl Nest

Taken during a tour of a slot canyon in Arizona in late April of this year

Baltimore Oriole Male Juvenile

I really like the colour on this one. I have never seen such a mixture on a young oriole.
Taken with my brand new Nikon P900 camera. It was on the tree top so I was at maximum zoom of 2000mm

Mourning Dove Babies

These two showed up in my yard several days ago with their parents. They did not nest here, but have decided to stay on.

Red-Headed Woodpecker feeding juvenile

I lured the adult Red-Headed woodpecker to my suet feeder in mid-June and several weeks later it brought the juvenile. They have been regular to my feeders eating suet and black oil seeds.

California Scrub-Jay nest

The Goldfinch chicks are grown up!

Reptilian American Goldfinch chicks

Four American Goldfinch chicks, only a few days old. You can really tell that they are descended from dinosaurs!

Foster Parenting

Male Northern Cardinal feeding a juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird (brood parasite), that was presumably laid in this cardinal’s nest by its mother, and raised by the cardinals as one of its own.

Fledged Bluebird baby

Baby had fallen out of nestbox

Wren Babies Ride a Bike

Carolina Wren nest and eggs in a bicycle helmet. The helmet was hanging on a bike inside our enclosed garage. All babies fledged. Parents would leave the nest in the evening before we closed the garage door and return each morning to feed the young when the door was opened.

House Wren Fledgling

A young House Wren looks out into the open world.

Three day old Bluebirds

The youngsters are hungry

The Younglings!

The young birds all out and about to explore the outside world..captured them in different ways enjoying the sunshine food and the weather.

House Wren

House Wren gathering food and feeding young.

Song Sparrow Nest Watch

I recently moved onto an acre of land in the mountains of Roan Mountain, TN. The birds and wildlife here have been amazing. I’m currently watching three nests; two nestboxes with House Wren nestlings and this Song Sparrow nest in a hanging basket in front of my house. They are too adorable for words and they are being well cared for by mom and dad.

Coopers Hawks love our yard!

This year has been a whirlwind of activity for our family of Coopers Hawks. At first we thought we had 2 fledglings and their parents, but have since realized that there are 5 total. We are surrounded by woods, and these amusing birds have been seen darting in and out of the grass and bushes, sitting in a puddle, hanging out on low branches, sitting and walking and even resting on our back deck railings and swing set and are seen working on their flying techniques. Parents have been keeping an ever watchful eye on the youngsters and have been teaching them how to hunt as well. They must be very comfortable here as we have been able to walk slowly past them while they are sitting in the puddle aka their “hot tub”!

Bald Eagle with juvenile

5 Eggs

Nest building to hatching took exactly three weeks.

Tree Swallow Parents

These Tree Swallows are near the Independence Oaks County Park box which they chose for a nest. They successfully fledged five babies on or about June 19, 2016. Oakland County Parks in Michigan have 167 nest boxes in seven parks which are managed by Park employees with the assistance of over 50 volunteers. Nest Box Data is submitted to

American Robin Nest with Young

Fledges Imminent

Fledges in-process

7/29/16 – Bird Breeding pictures

birding activity

Baby Bluebird

Eastern bluebird family growing

More from the eastern bluebird family

Eastern bluebird family

A few photos from first through third eastern bluebird broods

Chipping Sparrows

3 baby Chipping Sparrows in bush right by my house.

Black-backed Woodpeckers

Piggy Back Ride

This mother duck makes a nest in my garden every year. I love watching out of the window when the babies hatch. They are so cute when they climb all over her.

Mockingbirds in my front yard

Three babies in the nest in my front yard. I miss them already!


Here’s dinner!


Seven Carolina Chickadees on the day before they fledged.

Waiting for Mom….or Dad

This is a mockingbird nest in a forsythia bush at the edge of my driveway. I happened across the nest one morning while attempting to back out on to the road. I saw an adult bird nesting. My grandson lives next door to me and now every day we check their progress.

Oriole nest

While fishing along the Columbia River, I spotted this oriole’s nest made from discarded fishing line with hooks in it!

Blue tarp nest

Spotted nest while birding near Cameron Lake in Okanagan county on Indian Reservation.

Pacific slope flycatcher.

Nest spotted on daily walk along gravel road traveled by residents.

Mom’s home!

Farm field eagle nest. Diamond bluff Wisconsin. Lots of voles and rabbit few fish as Mississippi river 3 miles away. The nest is in a pasture with wild painted horses. The wild horse farm takes up the entire Diamond bluff valley.

You used what to build your nest?

Snake skin, rabbit fur, osprey feathers….who is living here? Great Crested Flycatcher. Mom & Dad are pretty shy, and fly away when I get closer than 20 yds. Not having a telephoto lens leaves less than clear images.

First Bluebird Brood of the year

Four Baby Barn Owls

I was so lucky to find them. I had my car window open and heard a strange sound.
I just knew it had to be an owl. I went home grabbed my light and there they were.
So beautiful watching them and dad and mom bring in food. It was tough to photograph
at night, I had to have two tripods one with my camera and one with a light .

Great Egrets

Chickadee Family

This looks like a Chickadee family but I’m not sure. Definitely a fledgling and 2 adults but the one above looks like a Chestnut-backed and the adult below looks like a Black-capped, the baby looks a bit more like a Chestnut-backed too. Do they cross breed?

Bempton Cliffs

The sea cliffs at Bempton, East Yorkshire, UK – run by the RSPB organization – are protected breeding grounds for many birds including shags and puffins and the ones shown here. Wonderful walking, great photography with lookout platforms and, of course, a cafe and gift shop.


Great Egret chicks looked to be plotting something in this photo.

Feeding Time

I followed an idea I found on Facebook, hollowing out an orange and filling with peanut butter, orange pulp ad bird seed. Five minutes later, we had countless visitors to our home made feeder.

Desert Red Tail Hawks

We have been observing hawk nest since we moved out into the desert a couple years ago. We are close to Federal and State land that offers a multitude of wildlife observation. My passion is red tail hawks and we have been so lucky to be able to observe these hawks and their little ones. There are three pair we’ve observed: 1)Scarlett and Rhett 2015 and 2016 they taught us hawk-person manners and are now comfortable with our presence. They had only one success last year but 3 this year, 2) Bonnie and Clyde are new this year. They successfully raised 3 this year. 3) Kate and Doc (Big Nose Kate and Doc Holliday). They are also new this year and successfully raised 3 this year as well. They were the most wary of our presence.

Tricolor Heron Hello!

This tricolor heron baby is giving us a big hello!

Spoonbill Family

The spoonbill babies had recently fledged from their nest, and they were still being fed by the parents.

Great Egret Riding an Alligator

It is always a surprise to see a great egret riding an alligator! It does happen sometimes in Florida.

Gull with Starfish

We saw this gull walking on the rocks near shore. Suddenly it bent over and scooped up a starfish! At first it seemed too large to swallow, but then the gull tipped his head back and swallowed the starfish in one big gulp!

A New Dawn

I have been photographing this family of Burrowing Owls for a couple of years, so the parents are quite tolerant of me. They go about hunting, feeding, and grooming their chicks totally oblivious of my presence. This is one of the first images I captured this season with the chicks about 2 weeks after emerging from the burrow. The sun had just peaked behind a distant mountains and produced a wonderfully warm red glow that bathed the owls and their natural habitat. The rising sun in the chick’s eyes promised a new dawn and a new life for the family.

Time to fly the coop!

Rufous hummingbird siblings have outgrown their nest and are ready to fledge.

Baby Bluebirds

Looks like 1 egg failed to hatch!

Growing Wren Chicks!

Several days from now, these healthy wrens will fledge. Their noisy, defensive parents have done a great job! They sound like machine guns blazing at us when we spend time in the back yard, but it is all worth seeing these beautiful babies.

New Mama Anna’s

This photo is of a mama Anna’s hummingbird who I watched build her nest in May of this year in a tree in the back of my yard here in Maricopa, AZ. She successfully raised these two beautiful babies who now enjoy my back yard as well.

Gathering dinner

Great Horned Owlets

Nearly There!

This is the first time I’ve seen any of the babies so far out of the nest cup I could get a picture. A few dozen attempts and I finally got this amazing picture! This is 1 of 3 babies on day 11-12. I think at least 2 of them fledge tomorrow, #3 hatched a full day later.

Feeding Time at the Grape Jelly Store

Young birds from my deck.

I discovered the Oriole nest a week before these pictures. It was a steady rotation of the parents in and out feeding the babies. The next day after these images were taken a severe windstorm battered the nest. The next morning the parents came to the tree and called, but there was no feeding activity.

I have a honeysuckle bush that has become the residence of two baby Eastern Kingbirds. The parents spend a lot of time between feeding the young and chasing off interlopers. A grey squirrel learned not to venture too close.

Killdeer chick in camouflage

American Kestrel–male near nest

Feeding the kids

I was lucky enough to have a pair of eastern bluebirds nest in one of my boxes this spring, where they laid 6 eggs and fledged 5 young. Several weeks after the young fledged, the male brought two of the youngsters back to our garden to feed them mealworms, which is when I snapped this photo. It was sheer magic watching them and I stayed outside, quietly snapping away for 30 minutes until they left.

The Other Royal Baby

Royal tern baby and mom. It was a joy to watch this baby grow up. Rockport Beach has a bird sanctuary.

Skimmer Chicks

Skimmers nest on Rockport Beach in a protected sanctuary.

Newborn Bluebirds

It’s about 5 days since they hatched. I thought I saw 4 eggs but they look like a whole bunch of them, all asleep in the sweltering heat!


Male barn swallow swoops into the frame to feed his young

Ash-throated Flycatcher delivering insects to birdhouse.

Photo taken at 6:07 a.m. on 7/8/2016 of male Ash-throated Flycatcher delivering insects to young ones in nest inside birdhouse.

Red-tailed Hawk Nest, Osprey landing in nest

Ma, Pa and their two chicks nesting on a shear face of Fall Creek gorge
Osprey lands in his Stewart Park nest
Mama Red-tail preens her chick’s head
Great Blue Heron nests

Resting Baby Bluebirds

Wren nestbox chicks

Young wren chicks in a nestbox that was constructed two years ago at a state park event by a child. We are thrilled to have a second year of wrens using it!

Hatching Buebirds

Brand New

These Robins reside on the ledge where the brick meets siding between my house and garage. I watch them out of my front window and have even witnessed two grown Robins feeding worms to the young at the same time. The two robins hunt worms in my yard together. The young hatched July 4, 2016.

Cardinal’s Nest

I have been watching the 2 Cardinals working hard to build this nest. And this morning, Surprise! Two beautiful eggs!

Keeping raccoons at bay

So far the hole extenders have done their job. Twice now one tree swallow has hatched a few days after the others in the clutch and cannot fledge when the nest mates do.

Great Blue Heron rookery

This nesting site is near my home on Pickerel Lake near Detroit Lakes. During my nine visits I photographed adults on their nests as well as the young about Four weeks later. Feeding time is like something out of Jurassic Park!


Rookery with Storks,egrets

Nest Building

Nest building in the rookery

Egret on nest

Anhinga Nest

morning time i saw this bird in my garden

House Wren on Nest Box

House wren taking a break from the nest

An unlikely home

Found Tree Swallows nesting inside the chase of the cannons at Manassas Battlefield Park

feeding the family

Dad chooses which chick to feed as they all hang off mum’s back

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology