Violet-green Swallow Young

Swallows at nest box.

Violet-green Swallow

A violet-green swallow with a feather for its nest.

Loggerhead Shrike On The Hunt!

Please help ID

Ruby-Throat Stretches/Preens

A young Ruby-Throat hummingbird relaxes, preening itself and stretching while perched on a branch, taken in July 2018.

white winged dove

Male Pileated Woodpecker in the Fall Trees

After months of trying to take photographs of the Pileated Woodpeckers that frequent the woods, I was finally able to do better than that and catch one on video. A male Pileated was clinging to the side of a tree, curiously examining his surroundings before flying off to search for a meal.

Golden Eagle and Bohemian Waxwings

(Slate-colored) Dark-eyed Junco

(Oregon) Dark-eyed Junco

Unknown juncos

dark-eyed junco

dark-eyed junco at our feeder!

warbler ID

I need ID for these migrant warblers

Bluebird nesting

We had four nesting pairs in 2019 starting in April ending in August. 5 eggs laid during first brood
0 eggs 2nd time. She abandoned fully made nest. 4 eggs 3rd brood. 4 eggs 4th brood. 2 eggs hatched only one fledged.

wren nesting this late?

adult wrens nesting? or maybe roosting?


On the beach this summer we watched a flock of Black skimmers were nesting and feeding there young. It was amazing to watch.

First winter bird!

Whose nest?

This box had been used by eastern bluebirds in the breeding season 2019. At the end of September it was cleaned, taken down for repairs and remounted in late October. Several days later this big nest was found inside. Can someone suggest what species would have built this nest so late in the fall? House sparrows perhaps?

ducks at a pond

Master builder?!

Design includes white + black wire, white plastic ties, a rip-cord from what might have been a bag of seed… plus the usual – twigs. Maker unknown!

cardinal fledglings!

Mountain Bluebirds in Nest

A Bluebird nest at my cabin at work. They hatched and flew off on July 4th. I have seen them, perched together on the fence rails and trail signs.

Carolina Wren nest

A persistent Carolina Wren made her nest in my golf cart at work. She had five little eggs that eventually hatched and all flew away.

Carolina Wren

This nest was created by a very persistent Carolina Wren mama who built her nest in a golf cart I drive at work.

All five of the eggs hatched and the little birds flew away. The mama Wren has come back to check out her nest.

Hawk trying to take fish from Eagle

This Red-tailed never got the fish, I have other photos of this.

Tree Swallows

Do you know what these Tree Swallows are doing?

Leucistic Eurasian Collared-Dove

Leucistic Eurasian Collared-Dove feeding at salt block.

American Wigeon Nest

Nest about 100 yards from water.

Robin and Chickadee

House Wrens

We had a House Wren nest in our garage, there were a lot of fledglings.

Black-Chinned Hummingbird

Black-Chinned Hummingbird mother nested outside the window of my house on a wire.

First fully observed Bluebird nesting to fledgling in a new Nestbox.

New Nestbox was used within a week after installed. A pair of very small (young) bluebirds then successfully raised a new family of 4 new bluebirds.

Loggerhead Shrike Feding It’s Fledgling A Bettle!

Very lucky rarity caught on video

A lucky catch of two (I think),Red-tails”playing”,and calling out,In which is very rare to heard and seen by people. Or,they could be a type of eagle common to the area. Either way,Enjoy!

Fledgling Eastern Bluebirds

Eastern Bluebird Fledglings

Pretty Birds Eastern Bluebirds, male and female

Eastern Bluebirds Mom and Dad eating live meal worms

Eastern Bluebird

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling!

Poolside Hawk

Just happened to look out the back window and see this guy resting by the pool. What a great moment!

Red-eyed Vireo

Red-eyed Vireo on nest in Red Pine

5 Pine Nest

Mourning Doves

Mourning Doves just hatched!

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird nest

Concerned about eggs not yet hatched.

First sited these eggs on 7.11.19. 7.22.19 very nasty storm came through. We had a lot of damage in our town but nothing too bad at our house. We duct taped hanging basket earlier in the day but were not home when storm came through. When we came home basket was still there, nest and eggs intact. Noticed Mama Bird next morning, but haven’t seen Papa Bird. This morning haven’t seen Mama Bird either. Could these eggs take that long to hatch?

Chicks of Little Grebe

Chicks of Little Grebe are photographed in pond at Rajshahi University campus.

An unwelcome visitor

Screech owl brood 2019

Our screech owl buddies only had three young this year, most common is five. Less work for mom and dad this year.

Second brood of the summer for these guys

This Carolina wren left, the parent is feeding the latest brood in the house and the two top and bottom are young from the first brood and still begging mom and dad.

Red-Wing Blackbird experiance

Update Junco Hatchlings

Update on the Junco nest in our hanging basket. All five eggs have hatched.

Mice in Eastern Bluebird Nest Boxes

While checking these two Eastern Bluebird nesting boxes, saw these two nests. One naturalist said they were wren nests, but based on other sources, they appear to be mice nests! Need to know which way they are!

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling

Loggerhead Shrike fledgling snatches a beetle. This fledgling is now hunting all on it’s own!

Hanging Basket Nest

Monmouth County, NJ. Found the makings of a nest starting in one of my portculaca hanging baskets, then 7 days later 3 white speckled eggs. Believe it is for a House Finch. Though not sure. Waiting patiently for arrival of babies.

Phoebe is more than ready to leave the nest!

For a few days the phoebe nestlings were poking their heads up. This nesting attempt started with 5 eggs. But I could only see three nestlings the entire time. The nest placement is in my shed and on top of the ceiling light fixture, so the nestlings were difficult to see.

I decided to take this photo to confirm the number of nestlings. As you can see, there are only three nestling visible, there may have been one or two more looking out the back of the nest. I’m not sure. But I will never know. That same day, three hours or so after I took this photo, the nest was empty.

Eastern Bluebird Babies

Eastern Bluebird babies at 8 days old. This is the third brood of Eastern Bluebirds born in this next box this year. This clutch came from different parents than the first two broods.

Barred Owl on Bluebird Box

This was the second visit by a Barred Owl to this nest box while it was inhabited by a nesting Eastern Bluerbird.

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling With A Leaf!

recently fledged cardinal

adult male cardinal feeding baby!

Violet-green Swallow fledgling.

Violet-green Swallow baby within hours of fledging.

Dark-eyed Junco Nest

We hung up these baskets about three weeks ago. I’m glad we could provide some habitat right next to an active construction site.

Violet-green Swallow meal time

Violet-green Swallow baby being fed at nest box entrance. They should fledge in the next day or 2. I will miss them!

Baby Pacific Flycatchers

Three babies finally there, and their mama just before.

Mama Flycatcher

This Mama is busy flying back and forth feeding her three babies who are nesting on my porch light. She always pauses on this decorative hanging before heading into the nest.

big baby

Neat identify

Ash-throated flycatcher near her nestbox at Newell Preserve. Four fledglings were recorded.

Napa-Solano Audubon Society coordinates nestbox monitoring volunteers. One volunteer, Terry England, captured this beautiful picture while out on a walk. Newell Preserve contains hundreds of acres, including dense oak woodlands, abandoned farm buildings, and fallow fields.

House Wrens 1 Day Before Fledging

House Wren young being fed one day before fledging. These photos are from two feeding sessions: the photo in which the adult approaches the box is from the previous feeding – on this same day. Photos taken on July 4, 2019 – all presumed fledged July 5, 2019, leaving an empty, clean nest.

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling!

Loggerhead Shrike fledglings will pick up inanimate objects and walk or fly around with them order to mimic adult hunting behavior!

Baltimore Oriole fledgling

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling Taking A Nap!

Baby Mourning Doves

Mourning Dove babies in the nest with mommy dove nearby. The nest is in a palm tree in our backyard.

Male House Finch Feeding Leucistic Female at the Nest

Male House Finch Feeding Leucistic Female at the Nest

House finch nest in eavebox v2

Scrub-jays figured out how to get the eggs in my old eavebox design so I built a new one that is jay-proof and so far it works. Can’t wait till the finches eggs hatch.

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling!

Loggerhead Shrike Fledging Regurgitating A Pellet!

Loggerhead Shrike Chasing A Blue Jay Away From It’s Neating Area!

Baltimore Oriole nest

The nest was created on a birch tree branch

Tree swallows

Eastern Bluebird nestlings

5 Eastern Bluebird nestlings. The photo was taken on June 24th, 2019

Unknown bird nest

photos of bird nest with bird remains nest is two and a half to three inches in diameter

Are these baby cowbirds?

Are these baby cowbirds or Song Sparrow young?

Sparrow Nest with possibly cowbird eggs

Do you know which eggs are cowbird eggs and song sparrow egg?

House Wrens fledglings leave the nest.

American Robin fledgling

Loggerhead Shrikes

House Wren Hatchlings

A little hard to count, but it appears all 7 eggs hatched. Adult was scolding from the nearby tree line.

House Wren Eggs

Loggerhead Shrike Cooling Down!

Eastern Bluebirds

Summer Tanager Nest

So lucky we had the Summer Tanagers nest in a tree where we were able to be able to see from the ground.

Bluebird 4 eggs

Bluebird pair raised 4 chicks in April-March 2019.
Now June 19 bluebird female laid 4 eggs in same nestbox.

Tree Swallow

I monitor nest boxes at Bucktoe Creek Preserve for the Delaware Nature Education Society. During my monitoring I sometimes take photos. When I opened this nest box the mom was sitting on her eggs and just stared at me. I was pretty surprised as the birds typically leave the nest during a check, but this one wasn’t budging. Anyway, I got a really great shot.

Gray catbird chicks

Found a nest on low shrub

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling!

Tree Swallow Takes Over House Wren Nest

Somehow, a tree swallow was able to assume the house wren nest that was built and safely laid her eggs.

House Wren takes Tree Swallow nest

After a tree swallow had built a nest, a house wren laid her eggs in the nest.

Tree swallows hatching

One tree swallow already hatched and one has its shell cracking.

Different occurrences in nature

On my monitoring trips, I have found things don’t always go as planned. I have found birds will assume another bird’s nesting spot from building over the existing nest to just lay the eggs in an existing nest of another bird.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology