All wide open for mama

These fledglings hung around our ‘perching rods’ for a couple days giving us a good view of ‘feeding times’.

Red Tailed Hawks!

Blake and Emma are the Red Tailed Hawks that live next to our house. They have a nest in a pine tree, where this past year they successfully raised 3 chicks, Olive, Jessie, and Whiz. I can’t wait to see what the next season will bring!

Beautiful Blue đź’™

Sparrow on a Swing

Happy House Wren

Our favorite kind of guests

We have several nestboxes that we monitor and maintain on our property. Each year, they are full of babies…some having 2 to 4 broods with us.

First Look

Bewick’s wren chick checking out our patio. This bird house is about 12′ from the back door and only 4′ off the ground.

Breakfast Has Been Served

A female Eastern Bluebird leaves the nest box after a quick morning meal delivery.

Cup full o’ Jays

Steller’s jay triplets

Bundle o’ Flicker Chicks

A pile of nekkid northern flicker chicks, 8 in total. Or is it 9?

Hanging Nest

Found this nest hanging is a tree. Located in the woods, about 50’ into the woods from the driveway. Height about 25’ off the ground. It’s about 4” outer diameter. I can’t seem to identify it on the nest watch page. Any ideas?


Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in the nest

Nest build to fledging

Had the joy of watching the Robin’s build this nest and raise 2 broods this past summer. First brood had 4 and second was 3. Amazing to watch how hard these parents worked to provide for their young.

Building on any available spot.

Robin’s built this nest on the tire of a vehicle that had been sitting in the same spot for many months. When something stole the eggs they abandon the nest.

Where’s my food?

Nest built on top of utility box next door. First hatchling followed by two more.

Change of Shift

Amazingly, these Killdeer nested on a derelict foundation in the middle of a construction site. In spite of the noise and busyness, they courageously stayed on the nest until all four eggs had hatched. Not long after, the foundation, too, was destroyed as the planned ‘development’ progressed.

Eastern blue!

Bluebird in the yard!

Cleaning a Cavity

This particular cavity had interest from pairs of Tufted Titmouse, Eastern Bluebird, and the Carolina Chickadees in the photo. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass muster for any of them.

Tree Swallow Babies

Bluebird Babies & Eggs

Nuthatch in a Bluebird House

Nuthatch feeding young in a bluebird house.

Parent and Nestling

The Ocean City, NJ rookery is an extraordinary place. It affords easy, safe and unobtrusive photography as well as monitoring of 5 different species of herons as well as Glossy Ibises.

Monitoring a Kestrel Nest Box

For two seasons I monitored Kestrel Nest Boxes on behalf of the American Kestrel Partnership. At their recommendation, I used a camera mounted on a pole that I could operate remotedly. This made our monitoring much less disruptive to the nest. All the young fledged successfully.

Robins nest outside our stairwell at school, Odenton Elem., Odenton, Maryland

A robin built her nest on top of a light fixture outside a stairwell at our school in 2018. This location gave our students a first-hand view of the babies from eggs to fledglings.

Juvenile red-shouldered hawk and sibling calling, July 3, 2021

This is one of three juvenile red-shouldered hawks from a nest in our yard this summer. Video was taken through a monocular attached to an iPhone SE.

Resourceful Nuthatch

I have several bluebird houses that frequently attract other species including this white breasted nuthatch. The nesting site is about 10ft off the ground with several small branches suitable for perching nearby. The bird skipped between perches before entering the house to feed its young.

Chickadees in a Tree Stump

I was standing in my yard yesterday when I noticed a chickadee hovering in branches on my neighbor’s crape myrtle tree. It perched on the tree stump. Then it suddenly disappeared into a cavity in the tree. I looked inside the hole to discover the bird sitting on a nest. When the bird left the nest to search for food, I peeked inside the hole and saw 4 hatchlings.

Crowd of baby bluebirds

This is a photo of one of the batches of Eastern bluebirds that successfully fledged from one of our bluebird nesting boxes. We provide live meal-worms in a special feeder. The parent birds quickly (usually) find the feeder and make good use of it. Their frequent flights to and from the feeder back to the nest box provide beautiful flashes of color as they struggle to keep up with the ever-hungry chicks.We are convinced that at least a few of these chicks have hung around, knowing that there is a good supply of food both natural and feeder-based.

Tree Swallows

Young tree swallows in their nest box

Violet Green Swallow

Violet Green Swallow on eggs in a nest box

Owl Bucket Filled for the Nest Season

A young owl was seen in the bucket which had been seemingly un-used for many many years.

Abundant Ring-billed Gull Nest in the Open

One gull was flushed from the nest as another joined in harassing from a few feet above as this visitor strolled by to check on the nest.

Successful Red=tailed Hawk Pair

Red-tailed hawks continue nesting for at least the 6 of the past 7 years, 3 at this site. Open hunting area and high nest and perch locations gave this red-tailed hawk great opportunity for success.

The Cooper’s Sublings

Located in a tree next to a sidewalk on a busy local street, these Cooper’s hawk chicks were well fed by their parents. Not bothered by passers by or local photographers, they grew up fast and all fledged soon after these photos were taken!

Growing up fast

Two Swainson’s hawk nestlings wait for food arrival. One hatched a bit earlier, and you can see the differences in their feather development! Last years chick died of West Nile virus, so it was wonderful to see these two finally successfully fledge!

Breeding photos

Apart from the Black Crown Night Heron nest on a rock just off shore, these are nest box pictures of four cavity nesting species.

Female American Kestrel feeding nestlings.

Female American Kestrel feeding 5 nestlings.


Two great horned owlets give me the eye, but one wanted a different perspective!

Eagles at Fort Donelson

For about 17 years or so the eagles, “Jack” and “Lizzy” have produced offspring, some years only one, but other years up to three. This year there was only one and you can see they are very watchful of their offspring.

Trumpeter Swans

Trumpeter Swans during migration. Not normally seen in this area. Mississippi River Backwater, Lock and Dam 13, Fulton, IL

BlueBird House 1 Activity

The enjoyment from observing and learning Bluebird families is rewarding…

Eagles Lock & Dam 13

Juvie Eagles being watched by an Adult perched in the tree to the left. Mississippi River Lock and Dam 13, Fulton, IL

First Birdhouse First Clutch

My first birdhouse build project. I wanted to build a real working birdhouse versus decorative. I researched the bird species with the need, and found Cornell Labs Nestwatch. This is now the first of 2 bluebird houses on either ends of our property.

5 Little Bluebirds

This picture was taken in the spring of 2021. A pair of bluebirds successfully raised these five youngsters.

Bluebird triplets

Red-breasted Nuthatch nest in tree cavity at Carburn Park

Nest was in a cavity in a dead tree. Observed female bringing insects to the nest and feeding a young. Do not know how many young there were or if they fledged or not.

Great-horned owl nest at Griffith Woods Park in SW Calgary, Alberta near the Discovery Ridge subdivision

I have submitted photos of 2 young born in the Griffith Woods nest along with the mother, (I also do have photos of the male (not submitted)). Both the young were photographed in the week after leaving the nest. Only one of the photos was submitted,

Needy Nestling Needs More Nourishment

Built remarkably close to a road, this Eagle’s nest offered a rare opportunity to view their care of this nestling.

Yellow Warbler feeding baby

American Robin feeding baby

This was the Pied Bill Grebe’s nest in the cattails

The Grebes successfully raised 5 of the 7 babies in the little lake at Lake Park in Louisville, CO

Common Loon on her nest.

Every summer a pair of Common Loons nest on the small lake where I live. I find great joy in watching them raise their family from my kayak.

Here’s Mom!

Mother tree swallow just fed one of her chicks and is just about to launch off to get more insects for her brood.

Cardinal Dad feeding baby

The Good Parents

The Old Trolley Line Trail, Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Feed Me!

A pair of Robins made a nest in one of our hanging flower baskets, just a few feet from our front door.

Killdeer Nest

This past Spring I came across a Killdeer nest with two recently hatched Killdeer chicks, with one left to hatch. I spotted them from the trail and after a few quick photos I quickly moved on as to not disturb them.

Not a good year!

This years pair fought off another pair. A total of 9 nine eggs were laid this year.
No one hatched due the the fighting of the pair as they both were unable to incubate the eggs.

Surprised by Mourning Doves

My German Shepard and I pass underneath my avocado tree many times a day. I was so surprised when one day a Mourning Dove flushed from the tree, and when I looked up there was a scrabby nest with a Mourning Dove and almost full-sized chick!

MOM NOW MORE – wait, come back!

Dark eyed juncos get a meal from mom that ends too soon.

Pileated Woodpecker at the Nest

Mid June, 2021 These chicks were about a week or so away from fledging. Both parents fed the chicks.

Chickadee Home

I was so excited to see this pair of Carolina Chickadees nest in my backyard. I see them all the time and didn’t know they would nest in a pine tree by our lake. Watching them go back and forth with every type of insect in and out of that hole was a highlight of my day. Wasn’t sure how many babies were inside but I could hear them chirping away everytime their mommy or daddy would come back. I look forward to seeing them next year when nesting season starts again for these little cuties!

Common Yellowthroat female feeding its fledgling Brown-headed Cowbird

Lunch at the Eddon Boatworks Martin boxes

Bluebirds in Virginia Backyard.

Our first year putting in a bluebird nest box in our backyard was a huge success. We saw 3 different broods born, fledged 13.

Red-winged Blackbird feeding fledgling

Red-winged Blackbird feeding fledgling at Huffman Prairie Flying Field 7/25/21

Great horned owl

Yellow-crowned Night Heron on nest.

Eastern Bluebird Young

something for the nest

bluebird in spring doing its job

Flicker family

Moved this house last winter due to chronic vacancy and voilĂ , they like the new location!

Tree Swallow with Young

Tree Swallow in a nest box with newly hatched young.

Eastern Bluebird Eggs

Eastern Bluebird eggs in a dark nest box.

Eastern Bluebird Female on Nest

My Turn

These two Brown-crested Flycatcher were using a nestbox (19) at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, San Antonio, TX. The nestboxes were part of my son’s Hornaday Project for Boy Scouts.

New kid in town

Newly hatched Eastern Bluebird

Carolina Wren family

Adult Carolina wren feeding chicks


Adult chickadee bringing food to the chicks

Red-shouldered Hawks

We have been fortunate for several years to watch a pair of red-shouldered hawks build nests and raise chicks near our home,

Defending the nest

A pair of brown thrashers had a nest in a bush on the edge of our yard, and found themselves fighting off a large rat snake that had already taken one chick from the nest. The snake climbed a nearby tree where the parents harassed it until it finally crawled down and into the woods.

Messy House Finch nest

Baby hoot

5/15/2021. Saw white spots in leaves. Feathers on a branch. Looked and found the nest. Watched two great horned owelettes all summer

Hungry mouths

Chipping sparrows waiting to be fed

Finch Family

While I was out of town for a few days in the late spring of 2018, my feeders were not getting filled. This one, made by my dad, was usually filled with sunflower seed, but when I got back home, I discovered a pair of house finches had started building a nest in it! Since the feeder was hanging on the porch just outside the living room window, I was able to enjoy watching everything from the adults finishing the nest, to the fledglings leaving the safety of home for the nearby snowball bush. It was a real treat!

House hunting

Backyard Beauties!

This year I have seen more Eastern Bluebirds in my backyard. I counted a number of four one day. These birds are such a delight to see. Their blue feathers are so beautiful, makes you want to get a glimpse or try not miss an opportunity to capture a shot of. I was thrilled after I put a nest box up they started becoming regulars. Though they never used the new box, they however nested in my martin apartment I have up, which was different but a wonderful experience none the less.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay visitor on a very breezy day.

Hairy woodpecker

I think this a male Hairy male woodpecker because of the white patch on his back and because his pale eyebrow is broken by a band of black.

A Bird

Seagulls Black headed gulls

Pigeon nest


A Nest and Sunset



Sacajawea Audubon Bluebird Trail

These photos are from our bluebird trail of 100+ nest boxes, NW of Bozeman, MT. This trail was started in the early 1970s and is monitored by chapter volunteers. NOTE: We have Federal and State permits to band and handle cavity nesting species.

Finches eating


Natures Wonders

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology